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Look Who’s Talking Reboot in the Works at Screen Gems

Look Who’s Talking reboot is in development at Sony Pictures‘ Screen Gems, according to Deadline. In the 1989 TriStar comedy, Bruce Willis supplied the voice of baby Mikey’s thoughts and we got to hear exactly what was on his mind. Kirstie Alley played Mollie, a single working mother who’s out to find the perfect father for her child. Mikey prefers James (John Travolta), a cab driver turned babysitter who has what it takes to make them both happy.

Amy Heckerling (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) wrote and directed the film, which spawned two sequels — Look Who’s Talking Too in 1990 and Look Who’s Talking Now in 1993 — and an ABC series titled Baby Talk, which featured Tony Danza as the voice of baby Mickey.

Jeremy Garelick is set to write and direct the Look Who’s Talking reboot, and Adam Fields will produce. The site says that Garelick is looking to make a version that will allow for a diverse cast.

“What excited me about doing is, I have four kids, including twins, and this is something they can watch, and share some of the experience I had with my wife,” Garelick said. “Like, figuring out how to raise these kids, with all the mistakes that happen. Add in the voices that are keyed to facial expressions, it just really seems like a fun idea. Everyone can relate to babies. The challenge is, that was a really good movie, Travolta and Kirstie Alley had great chemistry and Amy Heckerling wrote a great script. We’re in the early stages of figuring out what the story is for the modern version of the movie.”

Scott Strauss and Brian Dukes are overseeing for Screen Gems.

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