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Legion of Leia Podcast: LA Times Festival of Books Part 2


On this week’s Legion of Leia Podcast, I got a chance to chat with some of the authors from the LA Times Festival of Books at the Black Château booth. This is part 2 of our interviews and includes Mike Robinson, author of Dreamshores, Naomi Brett Rourke, author of Straight Outta Tombstone, Dr. Ken Best, author of 11 Best Ways to Face Life’s Challenges, Susan Shofer, author of The Divorce Recovery Ladder, and Robert Yehling, author of Voices. You can listen to Part 1 of the podcast here

Check out the info on the authors below, and check out Black Château here.

Mike Robinson – “Dreamshores”

An avid writer since age seven, award-winning author Mike Robinson began selling professionally at 19, placing various speculative fiction stories in magazines, anthologies, e-zines and podcasts. He is the author of the novels Skunk Ape Semester, The Prince of Earth, The Atheist, the short story collection Too Much Dark Matter, Too Little Gray, the co-author of The Talisman Chronicles #3: Hurakan’s Chalice (with Aiden James), and the non-linear trilogy The Enigma of Twilight Falls.  A native of Los Angeles, he edits the magazine “Literary Landscapes,” the official publication of The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS). He is also a screenwriter and producer.

In the book Dreamshores, restless and fire-hearted, ten-year-old Sierra Nevada Smith was always chasing monsters, whether through the pages of her favorite books or in the woods behind the secluded California town where she grew up. Fantastic new worlds opened for her, however, when, after a near-tragedy, she discovered the films of legendary stop-motion animator Russell Boylan.

Naomi Brett Rourke – “Straight Outta Tombstone”

Naomi Brett Rourke is a writer, teacher, and theatre director living in Southern California with kids, grandkids, a whole passel of animals and her wonderful husband.  She has stories published in magazines, journals, and anthologies, including in the best-selling anthology Straight Outta Tombstone, edited by David Boop, and in The Saturday Evening Post. She finished her first novel and continues to write short stories, screenplays, correct papers, and love life.

Naomi is a contributor to Straight Outta Tombstone, which features tales of the Weird Wild West a weird twist. In this anthology, you’re invited to come visit the Old West, the land where gang initiations, ride-by shootings and territory disputes got their start. But these tales aren’t the ones your grandpappy spun around a campfire, unless he spoke of soul-sucking ghosts, steam-powered demons and wayward aliens.

Dr. Ken Best – “11 Best Ways to Face Life’s Challenges”

Dr. Ken Best is a holistic physician who specializes in sports chiropractic and applied kinesiology. Dr. Ken Best teaches people how to find and change limiting beliefs so that they can rewire the way their brain works to create the life they want. He uses his holistic approach to heal people who are suffering from both physical and mental pain. Dr. Ken Best has worked with everyone from Oscar winners to reality TV stars to Grammy-winning musicians.

Dr. Best wrote 11 Best Ways to Face Life’s Challenges. It is a guide to discovering and changing the limiting beliefs that block you from creating the life you want. Plus, the book, Rewriting Your Life, is forthcoming.

Susan Shofer – “The Divorce Recovery Ladder”

Susan is an agency-licensed private investigator-turned-divorce consultant who wrote The Divorce Recovery Ladder — a comprehensive guide with tools, information, and tips on how to get through a divorce unscathed. No one understands divorce and all the pain that comes with it better than Susan Shofer. She’s a divorce survivor who has firsthand experience with what it feels like to encounter many of the perils of divorce, including successfully circumventing parental alienation.

Susan is an expert on Parental Alienation — she can help anyone recognize and circumvent parental alienation. Her webinar, Finding the Right Attorney, is a must-view before hiring a divorce attorney. As well, in this social media landscape, Susan shows people how to use this media responsibly.

Susan also teaches people how to take care of their mental and physical health during the tumultuous divorce journey.

Robert Yehling – “Voices”

Robert Yehling is the author of 12 books and the ghostwriter of eight others. He is the author of Just Add Water, the biography of autistic surfing legend Clay Marzo (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), and co-author of When We Were the Boys, the memoir of former Rod Stewart lead guitarist Stevie Salas (Taylor Trade) and Full Flight, the memoir of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship lead singer/songwriter Marty Balin (SAF Publishing); Marty was an inspiration for Voices.  Yehling is the author of five collections of poetry and essays, including Backroad Melodies (2013: Tuscany Global). He also is author of the award-winning Writes of Life: Using Personal Experiences in Everything You Write, published by Open Books Press, the publisher of Voices.

In Voices, legendary rock and roll singer/songwriter Tom Timoreaux, who like many began during San Francisco’s epochal Summer of Love, emerges from a long retirement with his band, The Fever. When his backup singer cannot tour, he brings on his estranged daughter, Christine. As they sing together and heal their relationship, The Fever tours to national acclaim—and Christine becomes a star. Meanwhile, in Italy, Tom’s long-lost “love child,” Annalisa, views a Fever concert streamcast and must decide whether to reach out to a man she thought dead. Voices is a father-daughter-daughter relationship journey set against a half-century of rock and roll, where love and healing are always possible and music speaks louder than words.

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