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Legion of Leia Podcast: Josh Clark from The End of the World with Josh Clark

For our first podcast back since Legion of Leia joined, myself and co-host Anastasia Washington welcome Josh Clark. Clark is the host of the long-running Stuff You Should Know podcast with Charles W. Bryant, my absolute favorite. We’re thrilled to have him on, and if you aren’t listening to his podcast yet, you absolutely should be. He has a brand new podcast out called The End of the World with Josh Clark, which is a 10-part series examining existential risks to humanity like artificial intelligence, bio-tech and more.

I devoured these episodes, which you can get wherever you find your favorite podcasts (or by clicking on the link above). Some of the episodes are terrifying, but ultimately, the message is hopeful. If we get the word out about what could wipe humanity off the planet, we can find a way to prevent it.

Here is the official info for the podcast: “Clark’s compelling and insatiable curiosity will guide listeners through a dark debate around the astoundingly odd and unique nature of human intelligence and how that might either destroy or save the species. The podcast will discuss pending threats to human life and the importance of mastering emerging technology – like high-energy physics, risky biotech experiments, and nanotechnology – in order to secure a future for humanity that could last for billions of years.”

I’m telling you right now to stop what you’re doing and give this a listen. It’s fantastic! You can also follow Josh Clark on Twitter @Josh_um_Clark. Make sure and subscribe to the Legion of Leia podcast on iTunes and leave us a rating.

May the Force be with you!

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