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Legion of Leia Podcast: Birds of Prey, Oscars and Anita Leeman Torres

Happy Valentine’s Day, Legion! On this week’s Legion of Leia Podcast, myself and Anastasia Washington welcome Anita Leeman Torres, actress from the award-winning sci-fi drama After We Leave.

The film just won the prize for Best Cinematography and Best Ensemble at the Other Worlds Film Festival in Austin, Texas, Best Film at Sci-Fi London, and Best Director at Berlin Sci-Fi.

Legion of Leia Podcast: Birds of Prey, Oscars and Anita Leeman Torres

The film is coming to Los Angeles and New York on February 21, and it sounds amazing! You can also check it out on Apple TV and give it a digital pre-order.

Here is the official info for the film: “After We Leave is a sci-fi drama about a man struggling to find his wife, who he abandoned six years ago, before their visa to immigrate to an off-world colony expires.”

You can check out the trailer for After We Leave using the player below. It’s written and directed by Aleem Hossain and also stars Brian Silverman, Clay Wilcox and Anslem Richardson.

Not only do we chat about Anita‘s new film, but we’re taking on a few geek topics. This week we’re talking all about the name change from Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, and how titles can affect box office.

Remember how they changed the name of the Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise film Edge of Tomorrow (which sounded like a soap opera instead of the kick-ass sci-fi drama it is) to Live Die Repeat? Or how John Carter made people think of that guy from E.R. instead of a sci-fi film based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel A Princess of Mars

Harley Quinn's Roller Disco to Open in London for Birds of Prey

We also take on the Oscar winners, from Parasite to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which we have very strong opinions about. We’d love to hear if you agree with us on some of this. Have you seen Parasite yet? What about Once? We go into Tarantino, and our thoughts on how his films have evolved. 

Oh, and then there is the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 and how Chris Pine happens to be in it. (Just speculation, you guys. No spoilers here, even though I was on the set.) He wears a fanny pack, you guys! They’re back, and it’s disturbing. I have one for running, and that’s even more disturbing. 

There is also some discussion about phobias, from clowns and spiders to birds to cotton balls and space. Check out what Anita Leeman Torres has to say about her work, the upcoming film and more!

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