Kristen Stewart on the Charlie’s Angels Reboot

The film stars Stewart, Naomi Scott, and newcomer Ella Balinska

Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga) is talking about the upcoming reboot of Charlie’s Angels, which she stars in with Naomi Scott, and newcomer Ella Balinska. She told ET about the film, saying that the reboot will have a different feel than what we’ve seen from the franchise before.

During an interview for her latest film Lizzie, Stewart responded to comments from Lucy Liu, who starred in the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels and the sequel in 2003, about how the film was “a positive result for women.”

Stewart responded, “It is true I think, it is not maybe everyone’s immediate response that it would be, like, something we would have to see again because the one I grew up with was so much fun, and you know, the re-imagining is so grounded and well intentioned and really shows the way women can work together now. It tries to be warm and funny, but it lacks a kitch element that we have seen before that works so well.” She said that this film wasn’t “trying to do an impression of the last one.”

She also said that she’s in training for the film, which includes boxing. Elizabeth Banks will direct this version of Charlie’s Angels for Sony Pictures, which has set a September 27, 2019 release.

Charlie’s Angels was first a TV series from 1976 to 1981 that starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd. Two movies were also made in 2000 and 2003 starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.

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