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Kendra Wilkinson, Carole Baskin and Kesha Shows Announced by discovery+

discovery+ has shared new details about their upcoming Kendra Wilkinson, Carole Baskin and Kesha series. The first two will be available next month and the latter in 2022.

Kendra Wilkinson, reality TV star and former resident of the iconic Playboy mansion, will take on a new career as a freshly minted real estate agent in the exclusive discovery+ series, Kendra Sells Hollywood, produced by Bodega Pictures.

Kendra Wilkinson, Carole Baskin and Kesha Shows Announced by discovery+

Available to stream beginning Wednesday, Nov. 17, the six-part docuseries will follow the model and best-selling author as she embarks upon a new career with Douglas Elliman, one of the most successful and competitive real estate firms in Los Angeles.

With no prior industry experience, Kendra Wilkinson spent more than a year studying late nights to pass her real estate exam and secure a license. She will rely on her signature humor, resilience and unwavering work ethic to learn the ropes and land her first sale.

From the sprawling mansions of Beverly Hills to the beach bungalows of Venice, Kendra will take Tinseltown by storm to prove that she has the mettle to make it in real estate.

“I’m just a mom of two trying to start a new career,” said Kendra. “This is not just a job to me – this is my life. It’s exciting because this is my chance to prove everyone wrong, but it’s also terrifying because it could be a total failure. I’m way out of my comfort zone, but I’m ready to get my hustle on!”

Kendra Wilkinson

Throughout the season, Kendra Wilkinson will bring viewers along on a whirlwind emotional rollercoaster as she learns to navigate Hollywood’s crushingly competitive real estate scene.

From tears at seeing her name plate on her first office cubicle and learning how to secure leads to dodging paparazzi and successfully selling a 20-million-dollar oceanfront listing — all while parenting her two children — Kendra’s fans may be surprised to see how she handles every moment of her epic personal journey.

Carole Baskin's Cage Fight

Carole Baskin was thrust into the spotlight when Tiger King transformed the big cat activist and business owner into a pop culture phenomenon. The series fueled rumors about Baskin’s business and personal life, which she dismisses as gossip spread by her foes in an effort to detract from her life’s mission: to finally end the abuse of big cats in the United States.

In Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight, which streams Saturday, Nov. 13 exclusively on discovery+, audiences will witness a very different side to Carole Baskin. In the two-part doc series from ITV America’s Thinkfactory Media, Baskin and her husband Howard, along with their team, get their hands dirty and investigate the treatment of big cats, often coming into direct confrontations with dangerous operators.

In January 2020, Joe Exotic (AKA Joseph Maldonado-Passage), who ran the infamous G.W. Zoo out of Wynnewood, OK, was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison after being convicted of a murder-for-hire plot to kill Baskin. Later, a federal judge awarded the property to Baskin and her Big Cat Rescue in June 2020.

With the property firmly in her control, and with the help of retired homicide detective Griff Garrison, Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight documents Baskin and her team as they investigate the property for lingering evidence of animal trafficking and abuse treatment, revealing many shocking moments along the way. During the search, Baskin also enlists help from an unlikely source — Joe Exotic’s niece, Chealsi — who spent much of her childhood working at G.W. Zoo and has first-hand knowledge of what went on behind the scenes.

Chealsi directs Baskin and the investigators to different areas around the zoo in pursuit of evidence such as animal remains, with some unbelievable findings along the way.

“Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight reveals Carole’s story in her own words,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, Executive Vice President Development and Production Factual Programming, Discovery. “Viewers will see this larger than life personality in the fight for her beloved big cat’s lives as she uncovers and stops the exploitation of these animals.”

“This is a unique opportunity for audiences to come ‘behind the scenes’ with us for an unfiltered look at how we expose the cub petting exploiters and roadside zoos we feel are mistreating animals. This is our real-life work within a dangerous world, and viewers will see it comes with our people being threatened, guns pointed at us and the bad guys shooting at our drones,” said Baskin.

Baskin’s investigators and most trusted Big Cat Rescue volunteers also launch separate missions to capture evidence of illegal zoo tours and animal abuse at roadside zoos. What they discover is startling and further adds to the web of lies around the world of animal trafficking – their findings leading them on a trail to a former drug dealer in Miami…

Conjuring Kesha

Grammy-nominated singer songwriter and global pop superstar Kesha has a deep passion for all things supernatural and paranormal and has spent most of her life searching for answers to the world’s biggest mysteries. Expanding on her fascination with the unknown and all she’s learned from her successful supernatural podcast, Kesha and the Creepies, she is executive producing and documenting her exploration in a cinematic, hands-on paranormal series chock full of mysterious adventures.

Conjuring Kesha (working title) has been greenlit for six one-hour episodes and will premiere on discovery+ next year.

Joining the discovery+ family, Conjuring Kesha will be featured on the Paranormal & Unexplained hub of the streaming service. The series follows Kesha as she checks off her creepy bucket list by delving deeper into the unknown with celebrity guests and experts in the supernatural. And at the heart of it all, it is her curiosity that drives the show forward as she and her friends travel to mind-blowing locations in the search for all things unexplainable.

“Over the course of my life, I’ve always been drawn to the supernatural and the spiritual realm. Making music I’ve felt was a cosmic connection between my soul and something bigger than me that I couldn’t explain,” said Kesha.

“On this new show, I will bring along my friends to some of the most mysterious paranormal hotspots to explore with me. We will explore life’s great mysteries and aim to catch something never-before seen on camera. My hope is to show that supernatural isn’t just the thing of myths and fables. We’re embarking on a spiritual and cosmic exploration. Come with me to experience it all.”

“We are huge fans of Kesha’s supernatural podcast, and we are excited to partner with her to turn her love of all things unexplained into a new series,” said Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel & Paranormal Streaming Content. “We know her natural inquisitive nature and sense of adventure will radiate off the screen and we can’t wait to see her – and her famous friends – in action.”

Conjuring Kesha is produced by Grandma’s House Entertainment for discovery+. Executive producers are Kesha, Dan Newmark and Ben Newmark of Grandma’s House Entertainment, Jack Rovner, Lagan Sebert of Magic Seed and Elaine White. For discovery+, the executive producer is French Horwitz.

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