Jack Sparrow Not Returning for Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot

"We want to bring in a new energy and vitality"

Jack Sparrow Not Returning for Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot

Back in October, it was revealed that The Walt Disney Studios has started developing a possible Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. At the time, Deadline said it was too early to know if Johnny Depp would be returning as Captain Jack Sparrow. It looks like we have an answer now, however.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Disney president of production Sean Bailey and asked: “You’ve hired Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to work on a possible Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. Can Pirates survive without Johnny Depp?”

While he doesn’t specifically say Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow would not return, it’s implied in his answer: “We want to bring in a new energy and vitality. I love the [Pirates] movies, but part of the reason Paul and Rhett are so interesting is that we want to give it a kick in the pants. And that’s what I’ve tasked them with.”

Of course, another actor could take on the role of Jack Sparrow, but we highly doubt Disney would go that route, as Depp’s Jack Sparrow has become one of the most iconic film characters of all time.

Reese and Wernick wrote the two Deadpool movies, as well as Zombieland and its upcoming sequel. They also wrote Michael Bay’s upcoming Netflix action film, 6 Underground, starring Ryan Reynolds. Jerry Bruckheimer will continue as producer on the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot.

The five-film Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has grossed over $4.5 billion worldwide. The last installment, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, grossed $794.9 million at the worldwide box office in 2017, with $172.6 million coming from North America and $622.3 million from international markets.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is an interesting one, as you have the original three films which can be considered a trilogy. Then, On Stranger Tides (2011) was a soft reboot with new characters joining Sparrow, Geoffrey Rush’s Barbossa and Kevin McNally’s Gibbs, while Dead Men Tell No Tales was another kind of reboot with even more new characters.

Would you see a Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Jack Sparrow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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