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Freeform Announces Close Up Cast Joining Millicent Simmonds

Freeform has announced the Close Up cast members joining the previously-announced Millicent Simmonds (A Quiet Place). The pilot is executive produced by Pete Nowalk (How to Get Away with Murder) and Mary Rohlich (Atypical), and written by Keith Staskiewicz (Three Delivery). Natalie Chaidez (Queen of the South) joins as showrunner with Alex Kalymnios (The 100, Titans) set to direct. Production recently kicked off in Vancouver.

Close Up is a one-hour drama set in Centreville, New Jersey, a suburban town just like any other… at least on the surface. Centreville high school student Rachel Guyer is on a mission to expose the truth about her seemingly normal hometown and turn her community inside out. Full of suspense, mystery and twists no one will see coming, this character-driven drama is about the strength behind one young woman’s act of rebellion and its impact on changing the world.

Fivel Stewart (Atypical) stars as Rachel, a natural leader whose ends are as honorable as her means are questionable. Her righteous indignation serves as both her greatest strength and her greatest weakness.

Anthony Keyvan (Alexa and Katie) plays Jeremy. Smart, athletic, hardworking and genuine, he is used to everything falling into place, which makes his electric and complicated relationship with Rachel all the more intriguing. But he carries guilt over keeping a devastating secret.

Karin Konoval (Planet of the Apes franchise) will play Martine, the caretaker of the Centreville Visitor Center. She has an air of mystery, which will slowly be uncovered, and understands deception is sometimes the only way to expose the truth.

Yaani King Mondschein (The Resident) has been cast as Dr. Reddy, a high school psychologist who is easy to trust, even when you know you shouldn’t.

Sean Blakemore (Ad Astra) will star as Sheriff Griff, whose investigation into a recent event forces him to decide between his duty to his town and his obligation to the law.

Jennifer Spence (Travelers) will portray Tessa, Rachel’s mom who was once a powerful lawyer but now finds herself in a cycle of self-destruction.

Megan Charpentier (It) plays Abby, who is smart and endearingly awkward. She can’t help but see things from other people’s perspective, even those who make fun of her.

Newcomer Alexander Grant portrays Sean, who is confident and appealing, but is smarter than he appears and knows how to look out for himself.

Van Crosby (Splitting Up Together) rounds out the cast as Alex, the class clown and classic follower. A bit naïve, he blindly believes what he’s been told but slowly discovers the truth about what happened in his town.

Simmonds will portray Jen, who is self-possessed and funny, and tends to retreat into a rich imaginative inner world. A deaf girl, she is a natural observer and knows her town like the back of her hand.

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