A Look at the Fighting in Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2

The second season launches on September 7

Netflix has brought online two new videos for Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 which talk about the fighting. The first (above) takes you behind the scenes of how they build an epic fight sequence, while the second  (below) gives a brief glimpse of how stunt coordinator Clayton Barber brings fights to life.

Iron Fist Season 2 promises more action as Danny Rand accepts his role as the protector of his city. The second season launches on September 7.

The fourth original series in the partnership between Marvel Television and Netflix, Marvel’s Iron Fist follows the journey of Danny Rand as he fulfills his destiny as the Immortal Weapon. In the series, billionaire Danny Rand (Finn Jones) returns to New York City after being missing for years, trying to reconnect with his past and his family legacy. He fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.

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Alice Eve joins the cast as Mary Walker, aka Typhoid Mary, an enemy and former lover of Daredevil with psionic powers, including telekinesis. She is also truly gravely mentally ill, and not entirely responsible for her actions as a result.

The first season debuted on the streaming service on March 17, 2017.

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