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The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder Trailer and Premiere Date

Paramount+ today released the official trailer and key art for its upcoming original series, The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder. You can watch the trailer on YouTube, and you’ll find the key art by scrolling down.

All 13 episodes of the debut season will be available to stream beginning Thursday, March 31, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Nordics and Latin America.

Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder Trailer and Premiere Date

Combining live action and animation, The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder will pick up years after the original ended by following Timmy Turner’s cousin, Vivian “Viv” Turner, and her new stepbrother, Roy Raskin, as they navigate life in Dimmsdale with the help of their fairy godparents, Wanda and Cosmo.

In The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder, Ty Turner uproots his life to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Rachel Raskin, in the town of Dimmsdale, thrusting his cautious 13-year-old daughter, Viv, into a new world where she does not fit in.

Fairly OddParents

Once there, Viv’s cousin, Timmy, entrusts his fairy godparents, Wanda and Cosmo, to help her adjust by taking her under their wings.

Witnessing the fairy transfer take place, Viv’s charismatic new stepbrother, Roy, also inherits them, and the two siblings must take turns making wishes.

Together, they learn to overcome the obstacles in their path, all with the help of their new wand-wielding and wish-granting fairy godparents.

The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder stars Audrey Grace Marshall as Vivian “Viv” Turner, Tyler Wladis as Roy Raskin, Laura Bell Bundy as Roy’s mom, Rachel Raskin, Ryan-James Hatanaka as Viv’s dad, Ty Turner, and Imogen Cohen as their friend, Zina Zacarias.

Original voice cast members Susanne Blakeslee and Daran Norris return to voice the iconic, and still animated, fairly godparents, Wanda and Cosmo, respectively.

Nickelodeon’s beloved animated The Fairly OddParents series, which ran from 2001-2017 with 172 episodes, followed the magical adventures of 10-year-old Timmy Turner and his well-meaning fairy godparents who grant him wishes.

During its run, the series became one of Nickelodeon’s most beloved properties from both fans and critics alike, having won and been nominated for dozens of awards. All ten seasons of the original show are available to binge on Paramount+. The Fairly OddParents was created by Butch Hartman.

The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder original series for Paramount+ is produced by Nickelodeon Productions. The series is executive produced by Christopher J. Nowak (Danger Force, Henry Danger, Sam & Cat), who also serves as showrunner, and Samantha Martin (Danger Force, Henry Danger The Musical).

Butch Hartman (The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy) and Fred Seibert (The Fairly OddParents, Adventure Time, Castlevania”) serve as executive producers.

The pilot is directed and executive produced by Mike Caron (Danger Force, Side Hustle, Henry Danger).

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