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Encounters Trailer Reveals 4-Part Netflix Series

Netflix has shared the official trailer for Encounters, a four-part series that travels the globe to explore four extraordinary true stories of encounters with otherworldly phenomena.

Encounters is directed by Yon Motskin (Generation Hustle) and executive produced by Amblin Television, Emmy-winning Boardwalk Pictures and VICE Studios.

Encounters Trailer Reveals 4-Part Netflix Series

Explosive new revelations from military whistleblowers of alien encounters, UFOs, and clandestine Pentagon programs, as well as coverage from major news sources, have breathed a fresh urgency into a topic that, for decades, we’ve relegated to the realm of conspiracy.

Each cinematic and deeply-researched episode of Encounters tells a single story: strange lights in the sky over small-town Texas; submersible space crafts haunting a coastal Welsh village; an alien encounter with schoolchildren in Zimbabwe; non-human intelligence reportedly interfering with a nuclear power plant in Japan.


As told from the perspective of firsthand experiencers — in the places where the sightings occurred — and guided by cutting-edge scientists and military personnel, the series goes beyond the science to highlight the profoundly human impact of these encounters on lives, families, and communities.

A timely and timeless cosmic detective story, what will be revealed from this puzzle of seemingly unrelated encounters across different places, times, and cultures is a set of uncanny similarities, and one astonishing truth: extraterrestrial encounters are global, awe-inspiring, and unlike anything we’ve ever imagined.

The series is executive produced by Darryl Frank (Amblin Television), Justin Falvey (Amblin Television), Andrew Fried (Boardwalk Pictures), Jordan Wynn (Boardwalk Pictures), and Dane Lillegard (Boardwalk Pictures).

The executive producers also include Andrew Freston (VICE Studios), Danny Gabai (VICE Studios), Derek Mead (VICE Studios), Jason Koebler (VICE Studios), and Yon Motskin. Patrick Altema (Boardwalk Pictures) is the co-executive producer.