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discovery+ October 2022 Premieres Announced

Discovery has announced the Discovery Plus October 2022 premieres. discovery+ is a non-fiction, real life subscription streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery. We’ve also got a look at programming coming from the Travel Channel.

The Discovery Plus October 2022 schedule includes We Bought a Funeral Home, Jack Osbourne’s Haunted Homecoming, the second season of Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, and more.

Discovery Plus October 2022 Premieres Announced

In the U.S., discover+ offers more than 55,000 episodes all in one place, with over 2,500 current and classic shows from Discovery’s iconic portfolio of networks, including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

discovery+ features a partnership with Verizon that gives their customers with select plans up to 12 months of discovery+ on Verizon. discovery+ is also available on platforms and devices from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku and Samsung.

Discovery Plus October 2022



We Bought a Funeral Home
We Bought a Funeral Home follows the quirky journey of the Blumberg family – Heather and Arryn and their two teenage kids Rafferty and Noa as they trade in big city life to buy and renovate an 1800’s Victorian funeral home.

A slew of eerie surprises await– from bats to frightening noises, and a very shocking discovery that has the Blumbergs wondering–is the house haunted?

Discovery Plus October 2022


Jack Osbourne’s Haunted Homecoming
Jack Osbourne returns to the United Kingdom to revisit his childhood home and past haunts in the county of Buckinghamshire — a notorious paranormal hotspot — seeking the dark truth behind terrifying, unexplained mysteries and experiences he had there as a young boy.

On his journey, Osbourne makes stops at the family home where he spent his formative years, a local theater and ancient pub, and Missenden Abbey, a notoriously haunted locale that was the scene of regular childhood school trips.


Generation Porn
Generation Porn explores the explosion and effects of internet pornography across the world through those who watch, produce and star in adult movies.


Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, Season 2 Premiere
The Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey – flip the switch and turn up the fear at iconic paranormal hot spots. These hype men of the haunted rattle the dead with freaky experiments, shining a light on the darkest corners of our reality. Season 2 Episodes:

“The Shank” – Premieres Friday, October 7
Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey investigate a century-old haunting at the notorious Ohio State Reformatory. But as they confront the entities still lingering in the massive, abandoned facility, they become targets of terrifying paranormal activity of more recent origins.

“Roadhouse Reckoning” – Premieres Friday, October 7
Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey investigate shocking reports of ghostly goings-on at the legendary Bobby Mackey’s Music World. What starts out as a friendly mission at the haunted honky-tonk quickly escalates into a dangerous situation when the spirits set their sights on Harvey.

“The Perron Family Nightmare” – Premieres Friday, October 7
Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey investigate the infamous farmhouse that inspired the horror blockbuster “The Conjuring.” The guys will stop at nothing to get answers about this legendary haunting, including sacrificing one of their own to a powerful succubus.

“Trouble A-Brewin’” – Premieres Friday, October 14
The scares ramp up when Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey visit the Moon River Brewing Company, one of the most haunted buildings in America. Their investigation takes a twisted turn when they discover a dangerous portal to the other side in the basement of the brewery.

“Alone in the Asylum” – Premieres Friday, October 21
Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey take on one of the world’s largest and most iconic paranormal locations: the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. The guys are more vulnerable than ever before when they split up to locate a mysterious black mass known as “the Creeper.”

“Midnight Movie Show” – Premieres Friday, October 28
Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey cross the velvet rope to the other side at the historically haunted Tampa Theatre. As the eerie experiences pile up in this menacing movie house, the guys step into the spotlight to confront the source of the disturbing activity.

“Texas Hurricane Horror” – Premieres Friday, November 4
Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey investigate the death-ridden Menard House in Galveston, Texas. Yellow fever and a devastating hurricane wrought havoc on the home, but the guys suspect a dark family secret is responsible for ghostly activity in the stately manor.

“The Haunting of Waverly Hills” – Premieres Friday, November 11
Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey check into the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium to confront yet another dark chapter in the building’s horrific history. The guys put themselves in a precarious situation when they use real body bags to provoke the spirits.


Be My Guest with Ina Garten
Ina Garten opens her East Hampton home to friends – both old and new – for fun days of great conversation, good food and visits to some of her favorite local spots with guests including Emily Blunt, Faith Hill, Nathan Lane and Marcus Samuelsson.


The Journey of India
Narrated by Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, the series weaves a tale of India’s legacy with contributions from a range of esteemed personalities and leaders. Spanning a wide range of subjects, this one-of-a-kind series provides an in-depth look at the nation’s progress, influences, and accomplishments during the past 75 years; from advancements in science and technology and their ambitious and successful space missions to the world of cinema that not only entertains but also inspires.

From fascinating stories of faith found across the length and breadth of the country to a diverse food culture that is adored around the world – India in the last 75 years, has slowly but steadily made its presence felt on the global stage.


A Radical Life
Filmmaker Ricki Stern takes an unfiltered look at the former First Lady of ISIS, Tania Joya, who for 12 years was married to John Georgelas, the highest ranking American in ISIS. This is the exclusive stranger-than-fiction story of two star-crossed lovers hungry for power and Islamic supremacy told through Tania’s unique POV as Islamic Soldier, wife and mother.


This Ghostober, acclaimed director Eli Roth is delivering more hours of his quintessential brand of horror and mayhem to the Travel Channel with two new series: Eli Roth Presents: My Possessed Pet, premiering Friday, September 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Urban Legend, premiering Friday, October 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel, both also streaming on discovery+.

On Halloween night, Roth teams up with paranormal investigator and executive producer Zak Bagans to debut a special two-hour cinematic collaboration with The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno, premiering Monday, October 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and streaming on discovery+.

Eli Roth Presents: My Possessed Pet explores the true, terrifying tales of what happens when evil spirits, curses and demons take over family pets. Each of the four one-hour episodes will follow the chilling and deeply personal story of someone who has had their profound and loving relationship ripped apart by supernatural forces beyond their control.

Using dramatic recreations, the real owners share how the beloved member of their family, that once had brought joy to their lives, transformed into the most horrible situation imaginable.

“The Night Mare” – Premieres Friday, September 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
A teenage girl’s black stallion, Cash, is like a noble beast out of a fairy tale. But when she accidentally awakens an ancient evil, her dream horse turns into a nightmare.

“Master of the House” – Premieres Friday, October 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
A bachelor adopts a dog, Sam, to keep him company in his new home. But when an evil spirit takes hold of his beloved pet, the roles are reversed, and Sam eventually becomes the master of the house – and of him.

“Eight-Legged Exorcism” – Premieres Friday, October 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
When his daughter brings home a tarantula she won at a science fair, Clint makes the mistake of naming it after an ancient Greek monster. Enraged, the vengeful demon inhabits her namesake’s body and calls forth a legion of spiders to infest the family’s home.

“Nitro” – Premieres Friday, October 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
A spirit follows a woman home from work and opens the door for a demon to take possession of her dog, Nitro. When the church refuses to exorcise the animal, it’s up to her to save her pet.

Based on widely shared “true” stories that happened to a friend of a friend … of a friend, each episode of Urban Legend is a mini-horror film cinematically crafted to deliver a hyper-suspenseful and tension-fueled experience. Featuring lurking psychopaths, murderous mysteries, creepy creatures and twisting tales, these disturbing legends prey on our most deeply embedded fears to shock and terrify.

This nightmarish anthology series, under the creative guidance of master of horror Eli Roth, showcases eight one-hour episodes of classic urban legends as you’ve never seen them before.

“The Red Room” – Premieres Friday, October 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
A troubled woman livestreams scenes of torture and execution to sadistic patrons in exchange for huge sums of cryptocurrency on the dark web. When her daughter is kidnapped and threatened with death, she must outwit the blackmailers, exacting bloody revenge in the process.

“The Bite” – Premieres Friday, November 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
After Rose returns home from a tropical resort, a small blemish on her face begins to grow into something out of a nightmare. Discovering that a bite from a spider has infected Rose, her partner, Ben, must race to save her from a horrifying physical and psychological breakdown.

“The White Dress” – Premieres Friday, November 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
An insecure high-schooler buys the perfect prom dress from a vintage store in the hope of impressing her crush. But when she experiences a series of ghostly occurrences, she begins to suspect the dress’ previous owner may be haunting her.

“The Choking Doberman”– Premieres Friday, November 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
After her neighbor is brutally murdered, a woman installs a new security system in her home and adopts a Doberman for protection. But when her dog is rushed to the vet, she’s left alone to outwit the murderer, who is now targeting her.

“The Harvest”– Premieres Friday, November 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
Newly divorced Clay uses a dating app to go on his first date in 20 years. It seems to go well until he wakes up the next morning to find that organ thieves have harvested his kidney. With his life on the line, Clay must unravel the mystery and get his missing organ back within 48 hours.

“The Creep in the Walls” – Premieres Friday, December 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
Following their mom’s death, two sisters renovate a neglected house they’ve inherited from her. But when one of them suspects their mom may be haunting them after a series of unexplained occurrences, it leads to a sinister discovery.

“The Haunted Shower” – Premieres Friday, December 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
When a college freshman accidentally uses the haunted shower everyone in her dorm stays away from, a revenge-seeking entity attached to the shower begins haunting her dreams. Can she wash clean the sins of the past before they catch up to her?

“The Scuba Diver” – Premieres Friday, December 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and Streaming on discovery+
When a scuba diver tests his new equipment in a lake, a freak accident launches him on a life-and-death journey to reunite with his young daughter.

The Haunted Museum, produced by Zak Bagans in collaboration with filmmaker Eli Roth, is a horror film anthology series that presents frightening and hellish tales inspired by the spooky relics on display in Zak Bagans’ Las Vegas Museum.

The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno, a “Ghostober” two-hour special, features the terrifying story of a boy and his father who steal an old suitcase from an antique market and soon discover a weathered tent inside that opens a portal to a cursed circus world from the past. In this mysterious and haunted place, they encounter a terrifying entity that will stop at nothing to capture their souls.

The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno premieres Halloween – Monday, October 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and streaming on discovery+.

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