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discovery+ June 2022 Premieres Announced

Discovery has announced the Discovery Plus June 2022 premieres. discovery+ is a non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery.

In honor of the legacy, triumphs, and challenges of the LGBTQIA+ community, the Discovery Plus June 2022 lineup includes the Always Proud Hub for Pride Month, with premieres including Generation Drag, The Book of Queer, and Trixie Motel.

Discovery Plus June 2022 Premieres Announced

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean returns for a new season with three new couples testing if love can last outside of the tropics. In Hungry for Answers, Caroline Randall Williams travels the country, uncovering untold Black stories behind classic American food and spirits.

Jack Osbourne and his friends go searching for answers to unexplained questions on two new titles, Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: Bigfoot and Fright Club. Discovery Plus June 2022 premieres will also be available across True Crime, Documentaries, and Magnolia.

Discovery Plus June 2022

In the U.S., discover+ offers more than 55,000 episodes all in one place, with over 2,500 current and classic shows from Discovery’s iconic portfolio of networks, including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet.

discovery+ features a partnership with Verizon that gives their customers select plans up to 12 months of discovery+ on Verizon. discovery+ is also available on platforms and devices from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku and Samsung.

Discovery Plus June 2022



Generation Drag – Wednesday, June 1
From Executive Producer Tyra Banks, “Generation Drag” follows five tweens and teens as they and their families anticipate their biggest drag performance at Dragutante, a drag show designed as a platform for LGBTQ+ youth to express themselves. The show gives an intimate look at the lives of these families as they courageously support their kids who are navigating their true identities.

The Book of Queer – Tuesday, June 2
“The Book of Queer” celebrates some of history’s most world-changing heroes, whose stories and contributions have been erased, marginalized or straightwashed throughout the years.

Blending comedy with social impact, the series will use witty recreations to bring each of the stories to life with a modern tone and feature interviews with revered queer historians and experts who are as colorful as the rainbow flag.

From Ancient Egypt to the Stonewall Riots, “The Book of Queer” will throw history a curveball by examining everything you thought you knew but didn’t. Celebrity narrators include Alex Newell, Dominique Jackson, Leslie Jordan, Margaret Cho, and Ross Mathews.

Trixie Motel


Trixie Motel – Friday, June 3
Glamorous drag superstar Trixie Mattel expands her outrageously fun empire into the hospitality industry, erecting the “gaggiest, most iconic motel that has ever existed” in “Trixie Motel.” The technicolor eight-episode series follows Trixie, her life and business partner and property co-owner, David Silver, and her team as they tackle the massive overhaul of a ramshackle mid-century motel in Palm Springs, California.

After spending nearly two million dollars to buy the dilapidated property, Trixie and David recruit a slew of spectacular helpers to complete the project in time to kick off Pride Month with a grand opening extravaganza. To help out with the epic undertaking, Trixie secures “free labor” from friends, including hospitality mogul Lisa Vanderpump, comedian Nicole Byer, actor and musician Zooey Deschanel, Property Brother Jonathan Scott, and drag queen/partner in crime Katya.

More famous friends lend a hand during the season, including award-winning actor Leslie Jordan, musician and model Iggy Azalea, actor and television host Jonathan Bennett, and musician Belinda Carlisle.

Book of Queer


Love in Paradise: The Caribbean (season 2) – Friday, June 10
From the producers of “90 Day Fiance,” the tropics will provide the backdrop for relationships in various phases – from a couple who met online but will now meet for the first time, holiday flings that turned serious, and a vacation romance that turned into a pregnancy. Will meeting in paradise work out once the suntan fades?

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean follows three new and two returning couples with so much at stake; they risk more than just a broken heart by putting their relationships with family and friends on the line. Tensions rise and secrets unfold as these couples attempt to join their vastly different lifestyles together, and they realize that their compatibility during a short-lived vacation romance may not be suitable for a lasting connection.

Hungry for Answers


Hungry for Answers – Wednesday, June 8
In “Hungry for Answers,” scholar, award-winning writer, restaurateur, and cookbook author Caroline Randall Williams travels the country, uncovering the often untold Black stories behind some of America’s classic and emblematic food and spirits. From the spicy, crisp flavors of Nashville Hot Chicken to the warm, dulcet taste of Tennessee Whiskey, Williams is out to uncover the origin stories of these quintessential American offerings, as well as surface the truth when it comes to the equity, or in most cases inequity, regarding the recognition and reward, for the true founding contributors throughout history.

“Hungry for Answers” is a food show but it is not just a food show, it is a Black food show with an ambitious endeavor to serve up a healthy dose of history with each delicious bite and sip explored. Executive produced by Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions in partnership with B17 Entertainment.

Book of Queer


Dr. Delirium & The Edgewood Experiments – Thursday, June 9
From 1955 to 1975, the United States Army Chemical Corps conducted classified human subject research on thousands of soldiers at the Edgewood Arsenal facility in Maryland. The purpose was to evaluate the impact of potent, mind-altering chemical warfare agents on military personnel as an alternative to traditional mortal combat.

Today, many of those soldiers believe that the military broke the law and engaged in a decades-long cover-up to hide the truth about what really happened to them at Edgewood Arsenal. Through shocking, never-before-seen footage of the drug experiments, along with exclusive, first-hand accounts from both the mastermind behind the research and the soldiers who participated in it, “Dr. Delirium & The Edgewood Experiments” will uncover the true story of one of the most bizarre and controversial chapters in recent American history.


Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: Bigfoot – Sunday, June 26
For years, Jack Osbourne and his friend, actor Jay Mewes, have been curious about the existence of the legendary creature known as Sasquatch, Yeti, or, most commonly, Bigfoot. Now, they’re venturing into a remote region of northern Idaho, the site of the most reported Bigfoot sightings over the last half century, to figure out for themselves if Bigfoot is truly an undiscovered creature of North America’s wilderness or simply an age-old legend run wild.

Fright Club – Thursday, June 30
Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers — Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey, and Juwan Mass — are back with their hilarious and spooky competition to creep each other out with the craziest, most mind-blowing paranormal videos they can find. They’ll talk with the witnesses who captured the footage and get insight from other experts before voting on each episode’s “Nightmare” clip. This season, a few familiar faces join the party to share videos, insight, and their own paranormal stories.


Murdaugh Murders: Deadly Dynasty – Sunday, June 19
The powerful Murdaugh family has held sway over the South Carolina “low country” for a century—until now. Alleged murder, corruption, and deception are revealed. Meanwhile, Alex Murdaugh, 4th generation of the legal dynasty, stands accused of enough financial crimes to sentence him to more than 700 years in prison…and the saga continues.

Estonia (season 2) – Sunday, June 19
When “Estonia: The Find That Changes Everything” was released, it set off a political earthquake. The discovery of new, previously unreported holes in the wreck of Estonia caused headlines across the world, and the public outcry that followed intensified the pressure on the involved governments to act. Both the survivors and the next-of-kin felt hopeful that their unanswered questions would finally be answered.

These follow-up episodes look at the public discourse and the government response in the aftermath of the documentary and revisit key characters as well as new sources to learn their reaction to the developments of the case. Additionally, the episodes follow the trial where journalist Henrik Evertsson and ROV operator Linus Andersson are indicted for breaching the grave peace treaty at the site of the wreck.

Meanwhile, two competing expeditions to the wreck create an avalanche of new information and data in the case, leading to new theories and findings. Scientists across the world investigate the incoming findings and make their recommendations for the biggest official investigation of the wreck. Will it be the final journey down to Etonia, and what will they find?


Silos Baking Competition – Sunday, June 12
Home bakers travel to Waco, TX, for a friendly competition that celebrates the joy that comes from time spent in the kitchen. The bakers are challenged to perfect a favorite recipe for a chance to have their treat featured at Magnolia’s Silos Baking Co.

Making Modern with Brooke and Brice (season 2) – Monday, June 13
Married duo Brooke and Brice Gilliam have flipped the script on traditional home renovation roles—with Brooke as the builder and Brice as the designer. As more clients seek out their work, they take a leap of faith to launch a home remodeling business.

Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines (season 6) – Friday, June 17
Infused with her warmth and passion for all things family, Joanna Gaines spends time in the kitchen sharing her favorite recipes, where they come from, and why she finds herself returning to them time and time again.

Where We Call Home (season 2) – Friday, June 17
Homeowners and designers reveal how commercial properties and unconventional spaces were reimagined into modern homes.