D-BOX Launches First Full-Screen Auditoriums with Recliner Seats

And hits a new milestone with more than 700 screens around the world

D-BOX Launches First Full-Screen Auditoriums with Recliner Seats

D-BOX Technologies Inc. has announced the addition of motion seats in two new locations in the U.S. This brings the total number of screens around the world to more than 700.

For the very first time in the U.S., the company will install motion recliner seats in two full auditoriums. The first installation is slated for November at the Maya Bakersfield Theatre in California. The second installation will start in December at the North Las Vegas Theater and be completed just in time for the highly-anticipated holiday blockbuster movie season.

D-BOX will also be adding recliner seats to a fully-renovated auditorium at the Boulevard Mall Theatre with Galaxy Theatres in Las Vegas. The Canadian company is also working with the Galaxy Riverbank Luxury IMAX Theatres in California to increase the number of recliner motion seats in one of their auditoriums.

“These new full screen auditoriums in the U.S. push us over the 700-screen mark and into an exciting new era for D-BOX,” states Claude Mc Master, President and CEO for D-BOX. “Most importantly, it’s great news for more and more moviegoers who will get to experience an unforgettable, immersive experience built around a proven, innovative way to watch the latest blockbuster movies. Customer satisfaction and consumer experience is driving our growth as most fans who purchase D-BOX tickets come back again and again.”

D-BOX redefines and creates hyper-realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion.

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