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Crackle November 2022: Originals, Movies and Series

Crackle Plus, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment company, has announced the Crackle November 2022 movies and TV titles. Crackle’s mix of blockbusters, indies, classic TV, and exclusive and original content is free to stream.

In addition to the Crackle November 2022 titles, we’ve also included what is coming to Popcornflix, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Redbox Free On Demand in November.

Crackle November 2022: Originals, Movies and Series

The Crackle November 2022 schedule includes Originals and exclusives such as Going From Broke Season 3 Part 1, A Life in Ten Pictures – Amy Winehouse, and Patrick.

The Crackle Plus and Redbox streaming services are currently distributed through over 140 touch points in the U.S. on platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Vizio), gaming consoles (PlayStation 4 and XBox One), Plex, iOS and Android mobile devices and on desktops at and


Crackle November 2022

A Life in 10 Pictures – Episode #6 – Amy Winehouse (November 1) – Crackle AVOD Exclusive Series
Ten photographs are taken from the lives of the world’s most beloved icons. What do these images reveal? And what secrets do they hide? Ten pictures, from iconic shots to private snaps, reveal the life of music legend John Lennon in this fifth episode in the series.

Watch episodes 1-4 with Freddie Mercury, Tupac Shakur, Elizabeth Taylor and Muhammad Ali now on Crackle.

Going From Broke Season 3 Part 1 (November 10) – Crackle Original TV Series
Managing debt while building a strong financial foundation can seem like an impossible fantasy in today’s economy, but acclaimed entrepreneur Dan Rosensweig and financial expert Tanya Rapley are helping everyday Americans achieve those dreams in the new season of Going From Broke.

From recent graduates entering the workforce to families needing to refocus their financial priorities, Dan and Tonya share the financial rules and tools families need to thrive in today’s economy. Watch Going From Broke and become the CEO of your own life.

Crackle November 2022

Patrick – Crackle AVOD Exclusive
Sarah is unlucky in love and a bit of a mess. The last thing she needs is a mischievous dog. When she inherits Patrick the pug, not only does he turn her life upside down but also changes it forever.


The Crackle November 2022 lineup includes the following channels:

The Crackle team presents Movember, movies featuring your favorite mustache stars! Watch the classics with The Shadow Riders (Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck), The Secret Agent Club (Hulk Hogan, Lesley-Anne Down), Hard Time (Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning), and Silent Rage (Chuck Norris, Brian Libby).

Heroic War Stories
Watch heroes in movies like Anzo (Robert Mitchum, Peter Falk), Tour of Duty (Terence Knox, Stephen Caffrey), The Hunt For The Eagle One (Mark Dacascos, Rutger Hauer), and Hellcats of the Navy (Nancy Reagan, Ronald Reagan).

A Salute to Our Veterans
Honor War: Nour veterans with movies like The Pacific War: Okinawa & Guadalcanal, The Battle Above: True Stories From WWII Pilots, Field of Operations: D-Day , and The Korean: Longer Forgotten.


Used Cars – Feature Film
A brash, fast-talking car salesman (Kurt Russell) wants to leave the business. First, he must help his boss (Jack Warden) save the lot from being taken over by his evil brother (ALSO played by Warden), who runs a rival car lot right nearby.

Dragon Wars – Feature Film
Dragon-like creatures from an ancient legend appear in Los Angeles, scale buildings, flip cars and terrorize the city in search for a girl named Sarah. While investigating one of the disaster sites, a TV reporter Ethan, uncovers a piece of debris which directly links him to this legend.

Ethan must realize his destiny as an ancient warrior who was re-born to protect Sarah from the evil dragons and save the city from total destruction starring Jason Behr, Peter Forster and Amanda Brooks.

The Humanity Bureau (November 20) – Feature Film
A dystopian thriller set in the year 2030 that sees the world in a permanent state of economic recession and facing serious environmental problems as a result of global warming starring Nicolas Cage.

Daughter of the Wolf (November 20) – Television series
An ex-military specialist (Gina Carano) comes home when her father passes away. After getting news that she has inherited a large sum of money, her son is kidnapped. Instead of seeking help, she captures one of the kidnappers and uses him to track down her son.

The Sea of Trees (November 8) – Feature Film
After traveling to Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, a troubled teacher (Matthew McConaughey) meets a mysterious stranger (Ken Watanabe) who takes him on a life-changing journey of love, discovery, and redemption.

Green Room (November 12) – Feature Film
After witnessing a shocking crime, a young rock band is unexpectedly thrust into a life-or-death battle to escape the clutches of a diabolical club owner (Patrick Stewart) and his ruthless henchmen in this white-knuckle thriller.

Damned United – Feature Film
From the Academy Award-nominated writer of The Queen and Frost/Nixon, The Damned United is based on the incredible true story of Brian Clough (Michael Sheen), one of England’s greatest soccer managers.

21 Thunder – Television Series
In the cutthroat world of pro soccer, a club lives and dies by the stars on its under-21 team starring Andres Joseph and RJ Fetherstonhaugh.

Sins of the Father – Feature Film
When a pastor’s wife is found murdered, the scandals uncovered during the investigation lead to a shocking revelation starring Terayle Hill and Deitrick Haddon.



Can You Hear Me Thinking?

Carols from Kings: 2003

Dr Watson and the Darkwater Hall Mystery

Foreign Field, A

Monarch of the Glen: Special: Hogmanay 2003

Screenplay: Murder in Oakland


Friedkin Uncut

Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders


A True Christmas

Christmas On My Block

Christmas With The Carters

Coming Home For Christmas

Family Thanksgiving

For The Love Of Christmas

Halloween Kickback

New Year New Us

Single Bells

Thanksgiving Roast

Thanksgiving With The Carters: 2nd Helping

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas Wander

Gift Of Christmas, The

Kingdom Under The Sea-The Gift

Shoelaces For Christmas


Into the Forest



8 Assassins

Children Act, The

Aside from That

How to Go Viral


Served: Harvey Weinstein

Surviving Sandy Hook

World Without You, The

Minor Premise

All American Co-Ed

Captain Caution

Carnival Story

Happy Go Lovely

Long John Silver

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

Man From Music Mountain

McGuerins From Brooklyn

Milky Way, The

Miss Polly

My Outlaw Brother


Penny Serenade

Prairie Chickens

Sudden Fury

The Canterville Ghost

The Fixer (1997)

They Shoot Divas, Don’t They?

Till the Clouds Roll By

Time of Your Life, The

White Dwarf

Who Killed Doc Robin?

Country’s Family Reunion

Forbidden Knowledge: Alien Artifacts

Fortnite: Battle, Build, Survive!

Grassroots to Bluegrass: Volume One (Day One)

Grassroots to Bluegrass: Volume Two (Day One)


Leann Rimes: Her Story

Living on Soul

Minecraft: Into the Nether

Minecraft: The Story of Minecraft

Minecraft: Through the Nether Portal

Overwatch: Be the Hero

Shania Twain: Empowerment

Singularity Principle


The Dolly Parton Story: From Rags to Rhinestones

Through Her Eyes

We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew

Whoopi Goldberg: The Winning Act

Annie O

Ascent, The

Bad Baby

Best Friends For Life

Big Wheel, The

Broadway Limited

Brooklyn Orchid

Call of the Wild

Captain Fury

Carson City Kid, The

Charms for The Easy Life

Coast To Coast

Country Gentlemen

Dick Tracy vs. Gruesome

Finish Line

Freak City

Great Guy

Great Mom Swap, The

Hidden in America


I Cover The Waterfront

Kansas Pacific

Mario and the Mob

Mary & Tim

Mayflower Madam, The

Money Plays

More than Meets The Eye: The Joan Brock Story

Mother Teresa: In The Name Of God’s Poor

My Brother’s Keeper

My Dear Secretary

My Louisiana Sky

Niagara Falls

Night They Saved Christmas, The

North Shore Fish

Off Season

Out Of Order

Outpost in Morocco

Outsider, The

Power And Beauty

Ransom of Red Chief, The


Redeemer (2002)

Replacing Dad

Road Show

Robin Of Locksley

Spoils Of War

Spooks Run Wild

Stage Door Canteen

Star Is Born, A


Stealing Sinatra

Storm in Summer, A

Strange Relations

Stranger, The (B&W)


Sworn To Vengeance

Terror In The Family

The Baby Dance

They Call Me Sirr



Vinegar Hill


Wishing Tree, The

Witch’s Daughter, The

Within These Walls


Forbidden Knowledge: Strange Lost Lands

3 Nights in the Desert

Almos’ A Man


Endless Summer II, The

Endless Summer Revisited, The

Endless Summer, The

Go Tell it on the Mountain

Half of a Yellow Sun

Red Baron, The

Seize The Day

Sky is Gray, The

Small Town Murder Songs

Sophie and the Rising Sun

The Displaced Man

The Jakes Are Missing

Tony: One Serial Killer



Who Am I This Time?

Aeon of Horus: The Occult History of NASA

Alien Chronicles Moon Mars and Antarctic Anomalies

Alien Chronicles: Top UFO Encounters

Alien Contact

Alien Contact: The Pascagoula UFO Encounter

Alien Origins: Beings of Light

Alien Worlds: Giants and Hybrids

Aliens at the Pentagon

Ancient Aliens Archons Extraterrestrial Invaders: Jim Nichols

Crop Circles: Quest for Truth

Death Valley Aliens

Extraordinary: The Seeding

Forbidden Knowledge: Lost Secrets of Egypt and the Ancients


Bible Chronicles: The Lost Knowledge

Alien Annihilation

Alien Chronicles: USOs and Under Water Alien Bases

Atlantis: The Future of Mankind

Bang Bang Baby

Blood Sacrifice: Occult Secrets of Hitler & The 3rd Reich

Carrie Underwood: Country Idol

Chill Out Yoga with Howard Napper

Country’s Family Reunion – Sweethearts: Volume Two

Country’s Family Reunion 1: Volume One

Country’s Family Reunion 1: Volume Two

Country’s Family Reunion: Precious Memories: Volume One

Dolly Parton: Queen of Country

Dynamic Yoga with Howard Napper

Elusive: Bigfoot Abroad

Frank vs God

Friend Request

From Here to Andromeda

Garth Brooks: Country King

Happily Ever After

Her Majesty’s Prime Ministers: Margaret Thatcher

Her Majesty’s Prime Ministers: Tony Blair

Her Majesty’s Prime Ministers: Winston Churchill

Hollywood’s Dark Secret

Into the Cosmos: The Space Race, Mars and Beyond

It’s a Wonderful Plight

Johnny Cash: One Song at a Time

Life After Flash

Lights in the Sky

Love and Saucers

Martin Luther King Jr: Enough Is Enough

Mirage Men

Miranda Lambert: For the Record

Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators


Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths of All Time

Nine Nights


Prince Harry: Joker In The Pack

Run Away with Me

Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House – Special Edition


Taylor Swift: Dare to Dream

Tech Billionaires: Bill Gates

Tech Billionaires: Elon Musk

Tech Billionaires: Jeff Bezos

Tech Billionaires: Mark Zuckerberg

The Dinner

The Faces of Fortnite

The Legendary Bobby Darin

The Pentagon UFO Files

The Song of Sway Lake

The UFO Enigma of The Flying Spheres

Tim Mcgraw: Southern Man

Toe to Toe

Walk Away from Love

We Was Homeboyz

Where the Road Meets the Sun

A Rainy Day in New York

Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary



The Deeper You Dig

Second Best


The Game of Love



Freelancers S1

Monarch of the Glen S3

Nativity, The S1

Cape Town S1

Lidia’s Kitchen S2-3

The Johnny Carson Show S2, 6, 12, 13, 20, 21 (Hollywood Icons Of The ’50s)

The Jerry Lewis Show: 1957-62 TV Specials S1

The Prisoner S1

The Tim Conway Comedy Hour S1


Hollywood Divas S2-3

Rickey Smiley For Real S2

The Johnny Carson Show – S14 (Hollywood Icons Of The ’70s)

The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour S1


Monarch of the Glen S5-7

Lidia’s Kitchen S4

The Johnny Carson Show S7, 9, 17, 18, 19 (Comic Legends Of The ’90s)

The Marx Brothers TV Collection S1

The Tim Conway Show S2

The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis S3


The Johnny Carson Show S5-6 (Comic Legends Of The ’50s)

The Greg The Bunny Tapes S1

Alien Dimensions: UFOs and the E.T. Presence S1

Chiller S1

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts S1

Gown and Out in Beverly Hills S1-2


Fea – Feature Film
Against the backdrop of the 1961 Swedish Grand Prix, East German motorcycle racer Ernst Degner flees the Iron Curtain.Set where two worlds collide – the colour and freedom of the West contrasts the oppression and threat of Cold War East Germany.

The Red Green Show – Television Series
“Remember, this fix is only temporary, unless it works.” Red Green, leader of Possum Lodge and lord of duct tape–and what a fix the first season turned out to be. Setting the stage for a 15-year run on public television starring Steve Smith.

Promiseland – Mini Series
Take an intimate journey with NBA rookie Ja Morant as he navigates the perils of the 2019–2020 season—not just a challenging year for live basketball, but for humanity. Apart from the suspension of his sport, the young point guard must grapple with a world utterly transformed by a global pandemic and the urgent call for racial justice. Guest stars include Carmelo Anthony, A’ja Wilson and more.

Das Boot – Feature Film
Assigned to sink Allied war ships in the Atlantic, German submarine U-96 departs France and heads to sea. Joining the mission is Lt. Werner (Herbert Gröenemeyer), a journalist who’s been assigned to the crew. Sighting a convoy, the Captain (Jürgen Prochnow) torpedoes three ships, and then watches as the helpless survivors drown.

Spotted by the enemy, U-96 becomes involved in a desperate game of cat and mouse, resulting in a near-death episode when, forced to submerge to impossible depths, the sub breaks down on the ocean’s floor.

Red Water – Feature Film
Facing bankruptcy, Louisiana fishing boat captain John Sanders (Lou Diamond Phillips) and his faithful first mate Emery Broussard (Rob Boltin) have little choice but to return to the career they left, underwater oil drilling, when Sanders’ ex-wife, Kelli (Kristy Swanson), offers to pay them well for their help with a massive underground reserve under the Atchafalaya River. Police captain Dale Landry (Dennis Haskins) has a more serious problem on his hands: A killer bull shark has swum up the Atchafalaya and is attacking people.

As Sanders, Emery, Kelli and company begin diving, they encounter a pack of predators who threaten to be far more dangerous than the shark. A trio of criminals led by Ice (Coolio) is already diving in search of a secret cache of money, and will stop at nothing to locate it.


Meeting Mr. Christmas (November 1) – Feature Film
The bold, quick witted and fiery Sophie Montgomery, a female travel blogger with a column called “Sophie’s Solo Travels,” has spent the last 4 years avoiding Christmas and traveling alone. When she receives a call that her mother has had a fall, she has the realization to come home and help her mom by planning their annual Christmas charity event.

When she arrives, she learns she is not planning the event alone, but with a ‘holiday loving’ town doctor named Finn Miller. Finn’s positive and festive charms are no match for Sophie’s cynicism when it comes to Christmas.

Sophie decides to take Finn’s Christmas Charm and turn it into a story for her escaping Christmas blog she does every year. During a turn of events, Sophie’s thoughts about Christmas and feelings for Finn are revealed.

A Great North Christmas – Feature Film
Caroline (Laura Mitchell), a hopeless workaholic, finds herself facing down another lonely Christmas. But when her two best friends surprise her with a ski vacation, Caroline finds herself swept away with the pursuit of winter sport…and the promise of a little holiday magic rubbing off on her love life.


Thanksgiving With The Carters – Feature Film
A family tries to find common ground with its newest members, as they honor their tradition of Thanksgiving surprise, where each person attempts to surprise the family with something unique and positive.

Family Thanksgiving – Television Series
When returning home for Thanksgiving, Elliot, tries to keep cool with his meddlesome, dysfunctional family.

Elliot The Littlest Reindeer – Featured Film
Elliot, a small but determined horse, travels to the North Pole to compete for a spot alongside the famous reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh. Against all odds, Elliot and his friend Hazel the goat set out to prove that no dream is too big.

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