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Crackle February 2022 Movie and TV Titles Announced

Crackle Plus, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment company, has announced the Crackle February 2022 movies and TV titles. Crackle’s mix of blockbusters, indies, classic TV, and exclusive and original content is free to stream.

The three primary Crackle Plus networks — Crackle, Popcornflix, and Chicken Soup for the Soul — are rolling out to new distribution touch points on up to 41 platforms on an ongoing basis as either AVOD or FAST channels.

Crackle February 2022 Movie and TV Titles Announced

The Crackle Plus networks are currently distributed through 60 touch points in the U.S. with plans to expand to over 80 touch points, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Vizio), gaming consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), Plex, iOS and Android mobile devices and on desktops at

The Crackle February 2022 lineup will also be available in approximately 500,000 hotel rooms in the Marriott Bonvoy chain.

Crackle February 2022 - Spider-Man 2


Spider-Man – Crackle AVOD Exclusive Feature Film
The web-spinning superhero (Tobey Maguire) has a mission to save New York from his nemesis, the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), and to win the heart of Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), the girl next door.

Spider-Man 2 – Crackle AVOD Exclusive Feature Film
Continuing adventures of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire), as he attempts to thwart the villainous Doctor Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina), aka Doctor Octopus.

Crackle February 2022 - Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 – Crackle AVOD Exclusive Feature Film
In Spider-Man 3, based on the legendary Marvel Comics series, Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) has finally managed to strike a balance between his devotion to M.J. and his duties as a superhero. But there is a storm brewing on the horizon.

When his suit suddenly changes, turning jet-black and enhancing his powers, it transforms Peter as well, bringing out the dark, vengeful side of his personality that he is struggling to control.

Literally, Right Before Aaron

Under the influence of the suit, Peter becomes overconfident and starts to neglect the people who care about him most.

Forced to choose between the seductive power of the new suit and the compassionate hero he used to be, Peter must overcome his personal demons as two of the most-feared villains yet, Sandman and Venom, gather unparalleled power and a thirst for retribution to threaten Peter and everyone he loves.

Sex Tape

Literally, Right Before Aaron – Crackle AVOD Exclusive Feature Film
Adam (Justin Long) is definitely still in love with his ex (Cobie Smulders). So when he shows up at her wedding to prove that he’s moved on, a series of funny and awkward encounters only confirms he’s more in love with her than ever.

Sex Tape (premiering 2/5) – Crackle AVOD Exclusive Feature Film
A married couple (Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel), with a night off from their kids, get adventurous and decide to spice up their lives by making a sex tape. When they wake the following morning, the tape is missing, and they must find out who took it and how to get it back.


The Crackle February 2022 lineup includes the following channels:

Web Spinners and Creepy Creatures
Whether it’s a fly on the wall or a tormenting goliath, this channel will have you checking under your bed! Crawl out of your skin with these superhero and horror movies with villainous monsters in Spider-man (Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst), Superhero Movie (Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan), Big Ass Spider! (Ray Wise), and Behemoth (Ed Quinn).

Musical Legends
Feed your soul while you tap your feet to these blues and R&B documentary classics like Soul Power (James Brown), James Brown: Live at Boston Garden (James Brown), Take Me to the River (Terrence Howard), and B.B. King Live (B.B. King).

Actors Behind the Camera
You’ve seen them in front of the screen, now it’s time to see what they can do behind. Watch your favorite celebrities direct movies in Interview (Steve Buscemi), For Hope (Bob Saget), The Human Contract (Jada Pinkett Smith), and Slipstream (Anthony Hopkins).

Streams of Terror
Be prepared to sleep with the lights on forever after these terrifying cult classics like Day of The Dead (Mena Suvari), V/H/S (Adam Wingard), Piranha (Adam Scott), and Friday the 13th Part 2 (Amy Steel).

Love & Relationships
In this month of Valentine’s, get all the feels, betrayal, pain, and redemption! Despite the drama, this channel will not let you down with movies like The Edge of Love (Keira Knightley, Cillian Murphy), Return to the Blue Lagoon (Milla Jovovich), Bounce (Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck), and Ice Castles (Robby Benson, Lynn-Holly Johnson).

Black Entertainment
Honoring Black History Month, we are bringing you classics like The Temptations (Charles Malik Whitfield), Ruby’s Bucket of Blood (Angela Bassett, Jurnee Smollett), To Sir, with Love II (Sidney Poitier), and Free of Eden (Sidney Poitier).


The Librarian: Quest for the Spear – Feature Film
When the Serpent Brotherhood lifts a magical artifact from his library, a brilliant but meek librarian (Noah Wyle) sets out across the globe to ensure its safe return.

Legion of Honor – Feature Film
Unlikely friends in a melting pot of confusion. Simon Murray (Paul Fox) fights for the French Foreign Legion. Pascal Dupont (Tom Hardy) fights for himself. War-torn men question honor, hope, morality…because you can desert everything…except yourself.

Belly – Feature Film
Packed with some of the most legendary hip-hop talent, this slick urban action drama follows two temporarily successful crime lords (Nas and DMX) into darkness.

Hard Luck – Feature Film
Three converging storylines involving bootleggers, a serial killer, and drug dealers are followed. A former drug dealer (Wesley Snipes) tries to go straight but comes across a stash of stolen drugs. Meanwhile, a middle-aged suburban housewife (Cybill Shepherd) hides a sadistic and vicious streak.

Mother May I Sleep With Danger – Feature Film
When Billy Owens (Ivan Sergei) murders his former high school sweetheart so that no one else will ever have her, he assumes a new identity as a college co-ed to cover the trail as he starts a relationship with co-ed, Laurel (Tori Spelling).

Cactus Flower – Feature Film
A bachelor (Walter Matthau) talks his assistant (Goldie Hawn) into posing as his wife so he can avoid marrying his girlfriend (Ingrid Bergman).

Bridget Loves Bernie – Television Series
Bernie (David Birney), a struggling young writer, is Jewish and happily married to his Irish-Catholic teacher wife, Bridget (Meredith Baxter) — that is, until their families intervene.

That Girl – Television Series
Aspiring actress Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas) is living in New York City. In between trying to find jobs acting and modeling, she finds time for her boyfriend, Donald Hollinger.


2010 Moby Dick

Apartment 143

Atlantic Rim

Barking Dogs Never Bite

Charlie’s Angels Pilot

Harlem Aria

Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters

James Brown: The Man, The Music & The Message

Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus

Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus

Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot

Score: A Film Music documentary

Shaka Zulu

Sledge Hammer

The Double (2014)

The Land that Time Forgot

The Square (2017)

The Trees

Wyatt Earp’s Revenge


Bloodline Detectives (Season 2) (2/17)

Celebrity Bowling (Season 2&3) (2/10)

Code Red (Season 1) (2/10)

Comedy Shop (Season 2&3) (2/10)

Dinotopia (Season 1)

Dr. G Medical Examiner S1-3 (2/17)

Lyft Comics (Season 1)

One In A Million (Season 1)

Quark (Season 1)

Royal Inquest (Season 1) (2/17)