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Circuit Breakers Trailer and Episode Details

Apple TV+ has released the trailer and episode details for the brand-new original anthology series Circuit Breakers, which will premiere globally on Friday, November 11.

Circuit Breakers is a half-hour anthology series about middle-schoolers in the near future that uses science fiction as a backdrop to tell universal stories about growing up.

Circuit Breakers Trailer and Episode Details

Melody Fox created the series, and executive producer Matt Hastings directed three episodes from the season, including the pilot.

Circuit Breakers is executive produced by Hastings, Andrew Orenstein, Cottonwood Media’s Sarah Haasz, David Michel and Cécile Lauritano, Aircraft Pictures’ Anthony Leo and Andrew Rosen, and Todd Berger. Fox and Gillian Horvath serve as co-executive producers.

Circuit Breakers Trailer and Episode Details

Each installment of Circuit Breakers features a sci-fi twist on kid-relatable stories, with the intent of kids and families asking themselves how they would act in each unique situation. The gripping series highlights seven distinct stories.

The cast includes Callan Farris, Nathaniel Buescher, Veda Cienfuegos, Cole Keriazakos, Maz Jobrani, Cale Ferrin, Quincy Kirkwood, Arielle Halili, Gavin MacIver-Wright, Khiyla Aynne, Maya McNair, and more.

Circuit Breakers Trailer and Episode Details


Episode 1 – Test Subject Thirteen
Jacob is desperate to make the school track team, but his height is holding him back. Can a medical research lab help him grow faster?

Episode 2 – Copycat
Aspiring dancer Jesse can’t balance his priorities, so a friend builds his robotic duplicate. But things take a turn when Jesse loses control of his double.

Episode 3 – Picture Perfect
After her parents’ divorce, Emily uses a memory therapy device to relive happier times – until an error threatens to erase the past forever.

Episode 4 – Entangled
Carefree student Seth and his strict principal mistakenly swap bodies when a school presentation goes wrong.

Episode 5 – Permanent Detention
When time seemingly freezes, a mismatched group of students get trapped in detention and must work together to find a way out.

Episode 6 – Parental Controls
Siblings Jack and Cassady buy a new remote for their media room and discover it can control their overbearing parents – for better and worse.

Episode 7 – No Place Like Home
In a self-sustaining home on Mars, Cricket and her family prepare to host visitors, but a storm jeopardizes their plans and safety.