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Chemical Hearts Trailer Featuring Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams

Amazon Prime Video has debuted the Chemical Hearts trailer, which previews the film written and directed by Richard Tanne (Southside with You). Coming to the streaming service on August 21, the movie is based on the novel Our Chemical Hearts (check price at Amazon) by Krystal Sutherland.

The cast includes Lili Reinhart (Riverdale, Hustlers), Austin Abrams (Paper Towns, Brad’s Status), Bruce Altman (Mr. Robot, Law & Order), Adhir Kalyan (Paul Blart: Mall Cop), Sarah Jones (For All Mankind, Damnation), Coral Peña (The Post, 24: Legacy) and Kara Young (Hair Wolf, The Punisher).

For Henry Page (Austin Abrams), senior year in high school means he will finally get the coveted position of school newspaper editor. Or so he thinks. Instead he is asked to share the position with Grace Town (Lili Reinhart), a transfer student with a cane and a don’t-mess-with-me attitude.

Falling for her almost immediately, Henry is determined to help her put the pieces of her life back together, but Grace bristles at his attempts to “fix” her. When Grace finally begins to let her guard down, Henry discovers the heartbreaking secret that has upended her life. As he learns to love Grace for who she really is, he starts to know himself.

Chemical Hearts is a journey of self-discovery that captures the thrills, disappointments and confusion of being a teenager.

The film is produced by Tanne and Alex Saks (The Florida Project, Thoroughbreds). The executive producers are Jamin O’Brien (Eighth Grade, The Birthday Cake), Lili Reinhart and Krystal Sutherland.

The director of photography is Albert Salas (Obey, Fly Away). The production designer is Lucio Seixas (Southside with You, Beauty). The costume design is by Vanessa Porter (The Farewell, Brawl in Cell Block 99).

The editor is JC Bond (Big Eyes, The Man Who Knew Infinity). The music is by Stephen James Taylor (Southside with You, Maya Angelou and Still I Rise).

“I loved that it was not what you expect when talking about a teen love story. It seemed a lot deeper than many other young adult romances out there,” Reinhart said about the film.

“It’s more raw and grounded in grief. Most teen movies concentrate on drinking and experimenting and losing your virginity. This is the internal struggle of these two young people feeling overwhelming emotions as their worlds are changing.”

“I loved helping to build something from the ground up,” she added. “Being an executive producer meant I was incredibly involved from the very beginning to make sure that this project came together in the best way that it could.”

In addition to the Chemical Hearts trailer, you can watch a first-look clip below and you’ll find the poster and more photos underneath.

Chemical Hearts Poster

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