Chasm to Hit PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on July 31

The long-awaited, side-scrolling RPG-adventure

Sony PlayStation announced today that long-awaited, side-scrolling RPG adventure Chasm is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on July 31 for $19.99. Bit Kid, Inc. began development of Chasm in the summer of 2012. In May 2013, Chasm was successfully funded via Kickstarter and the company began working on it full time.

James Petruzzi, director at Bit Kid, described the game as follows: “Chasm is an RPG-adventure in which you play the role of a new recruit who’s sent to investigate why a nearby mining town has shut down. As you explore, you discover all sorts of supernatural creatures you need to battle to uncover the mystery of what’s happening with the town, and how you can save them.”

He added that “one distinctive feature of Chasm is that the world map is procedurally generated when you start up a new campaign… it’s our hope that people who love Chasm the way we love our favorite games can play it over and over and still have it feel fresh. But at the same time, people who only play the game once should have no idea that there’s anything procedural about it.”

Not everything about the game is completely random, however. When you start up a campaign, Chasm always has key upgrades and plot points in the same place which never change. What is different, he says, is how you get from one key point to the other. “Chasm has a bunch of pre-designed rooms that are slotted in modularly in different combinations. So you won’t have any rooms that feel like they were designed by a computer. Instead, you’ll encounter rooms in a different order and even encounter new rooms you never saw the first time, and your path will be different each time you start up a new campaign.”

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