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Cannes Confidential Trailer From Acorn TV

Acorn TV, AMC Networks’ acclaimed streamer devoted to British and international television, today released the trailer for its all-new original international romantic crime drama, Cannes Confidential. You can watch the trailer using the player below.

Shot on location in Cannes and starring French TV-drama actor Lucie Lucas (Clem, Porto and Gloria), Jamie Bamber (Strike Back, Marcella, Battlestar Galactica), and singer/actor Tamara Marthe (Profilage), the six-part series will premiere with the first two episodes on Monday, June 26 on Acorn TV, with two new episodes premiering weekly every Monday through July 10.

Cannes Confidential Trailer From Acorn TV

Created by Chris Murray (Midsomer Murders, Agatha Raisin), Cannes Confidential is a high-concept detective series centered on the bicker-banter relationship between no-nonsense detective Camille Delmasse (Lucas) and charming international conman Harry King (Bamber).

Thrown together solving crimes on the French Riviera, Camille and Harry’s relationship lies at the heart of the show against a luxurious Cannes backdrop. Camille and Harry’s chemistry is complicated by Camille’s colleague and wing-woman, Léa Robert (Marthe), and a deal they make to free Camille’s ex-Chief of Police father from corruption charges.

Cannes Confidential

Set in the Cote d’Azur, Cannes Confidential had unprecedented access to film in the City of Cannes through an exclusive partnership and marks the first English-language procedural drama to be produced and set on the Cote d’Azur since the 1970s, blending comedy, mystery and crime within a love story.

The series will introduce viewers to a rarely seen view of Cannes, beyond the yachts and A-listers, with its fishing boats, local tradesmen, and working-class characters. These two worlds and two versions of reality will collide and be reflected in the personalities of the two main characters, Camille and Harry.

Cannes Confidential

The series is executive produced by Patrick Nebout (Midnight Sun, Agent Hamilton), Henrik Jansson-Schweizer (Thicker Than Water, Midnight Sun), Catherine Mackin and Bea Tammer of Acorn Media Enterprises (Acorn TV‘s commissioning, co-producing, and development division), International Drama Development & Artistic Acquisitions Department of TF1, Lotta Dolk of Viaplay, and produced by Daniel J. Cottin at Isolani Pictures.

Camille Delamarre (The Transporters, Assassin Club, Netflix‘s Into The Night) directed all six episodes. Acorn TV holds the exclusive distribution rights to the series in North America, New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom. Viaplay holds exclusive distribution rights in the Nordic region. Acorn Media Enterprises and Acorn Media International hold worldwide rights in all other territories.


Episode 1 – “Death of a Jester” – Premieres Monday, June 26 on Acorn TV

Cannes detective Camille Delmasse (Lucie Lucas) is trying to solve the murder of a young street artist known as the Jester. During the investigation with her trusted sidekick Lea Robert (Tamara Marthe), Camille keeps running into the charming, but equally shady art collector Harry King (Jamie Bamber).

It appears the dead artist had many enemies. Meanwhile, Camille’s father, the respected former Chief of police Philippe Delmasse is about to be cleared from corruption charges.

But there are secrets being unraveled: Harry isn’t really an art collector, and regarding Philippe, Camille’s world is about to be turned upside down. Does Harry know who is behind the framing of her father Philippe? Camille intends to find out.

Episode 2 – “Creatures of Habit” – Premieres Monday, June 26 on Acorn TV

The wife of Casino owner Maxine Beauregard is poisoned to death in front of his friends and assistant. Camille (Lucie Lucas) and Lea (Tamara Marthe) are called to the scene, and all suspicions point toward the blacklisted gambler Roxie Roland.

The problem is, there is no proof. After their mutual deal, Camille teams up with Harry (Jamie Bamber), trying to solve the murder. As a conman, there is no one better suited than to take down another con woman.

But as the evidence and the suspects pile up, it takes a high-stakes poker game to unravel the truth. With Camille’s father in prison, Harry keeps his end of the bargain and gives Camille the name of the man threatening her father. He is already in Cannes.

Episode 3 – “A Clear Conscience” – Premieres Monday, July 3 on Acorn TV

A monk is found murdered below the fort Royal on the St Marguerite Island outside Cannes. The infamous island that housed the Man with the iron mask. Who killed the monk and why?

Camille (Lucie Lucas) and Harry (Jamie Bamber) cross paths once again, making Lea (Tamara Marthe) jealous. Harry’s old friend Father Placid was a mentor to the dead monk, and Camille and Lea have to track down the victim’s troubled past in order to find the answers.

Harry is one step ahead but gets in over his head, having to rely on Camille’s help to stay alive. Meanwhile her father’s nemesis Julien Boire makes it even more personal by approaching Camille’s sister Margaux. His warning to Camille is clear — stop digging or else.

Episode 4 – “The Deadlier Species” – Premieres Monday, July 3 on Acorn TV

Boire tries to run Camille (Lucie Lucas) off the road, but she manages to visit her father Philippe in prison. Camille and Lea (Tamara Marthe) are ordered to babysit arms-dealer and billionaire Leo Duval at The Majestic.

Duval has been facing death threats, and it is rumored that the legendary assassin Nightshade is hired to kill him. Problem is that the Nightshade hasn’t been seen for fifteen years. Harry (Jamie Bamber) acts as the guide and encyclopedia trying to stop the assassin, something that brings Camille and Harry closer.

When the dead body of a former MI6 operative shows up, Camille realizes the Nightshade is still alive. The riddle gets even more complex as the night closes in. There are stronger motives than money.

Episode 5 – “Southern Gothic” – Premieres Monday, July 10 on Acorn TV

Pascal, the son of the famous conductor Francois Fontaine, is found hanged after a seance. The Fontaine family are supposedly cursed, due to the tragic fate of the victim’s mother Babette who died in a mental asylum.

Everybody but Camille that is, she doesn’t believe in ghosts. Camille (Lucie Lucas), Lea (Tamara Marthe), and Harry (Jamie Bamber) join forces to catch the killer, and have to go through shady mediums, news archives and scorned lovers to find the truth.

A true southern gothic story, where nothing is what it seems. During all this, Camille and Harry try to lure Boire into a trap, something that will have dire consequences. Especially for Lea. In the end, Camille also realizes why Harry is in Cannes.

Episode 6 – “Love and Let Die” – Premieres Monday, July 10 on Acorn TV

During the Cannes film festival, Camille (Lucie Lucas) and Lea (Tamara Marthe) are assigned a murder case of famous actress Celeste Badeau’s assistant Zina. Was the movie star the intended target? The prime suspect is the notorious paparazzi Miko Zajac blackmailing Celeste, but why?

During the investigation Lea meets Zina’s girlfriend and Lea’s former lover Eloise, and Camille sees that it affects her. Meanwhile Harry’s (Jamie Bamber) daughter Emily has been threatened by Boire, and he decides to stop the thug once and for all.

Harry breaks into Boire’s office and finds alarming evidence that will shock Camille. Her father Philippe is about to be released, and Harry has to walk a fine line trying to protect Camille from ending up in the line of fire.