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BritBox November 2020 Schedule Announced

BBC Studios and ITV have announced the BritBox November 2020 titles, which include everything from new BritBox Originals to classic British fare. BritBox is the biggest collection of streaming British television in North America.

The BritBox October 2020 lineup features fan-favorite comedies from across the pond, including ‘Allo ‘Allo!, Dad’s Army and To the Manor Born. The collection will also include two seasons of the influential sketch comedy show Do Not Adjust Your Set featuring Michael Palin (Ripping Yarns), Terry Jones (The Meaning of Life) and Eric Idle (At Last the 1948 Show), and seasons 4-6 of One Foot in the Grave, completing the series on BritBox.

For a guaranteed laugh, indulge in seasons 2-4 of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, the sketch comedy show that helped launch Stephen Fry (QI, Alfresco) and Hugh Laurie (House, Alfresco) to comedy super-stardom.

Death in Paradise Season 9 and Our Girl Season 4 make their North American premiere exclusively on BritBox with two episodes airing weekly. On November 24, the service will expand its offering with Britain’s longest running police procedural drama The Bill with season 25 and a “The Best of” special collection that features star-studded appearances including David Tennant, Hugh Laurie, Craig Charles and Keira Knightley.

The Britbox November 2020 Listings

November 1, 2020: Death in Paradise S9 | U.S. Premiere, Exclusive | 10 X 60 | Airs Weekly
Set against the stunning backdrop of the sunshine Caribbean island Saint Marie, this lighthearted crime drama returns with another season filled with unique cases and a new DI. Detective Inspector Jack Mooney may have settled into life on the glorious Caribbean island, but the murders keep coming. From an apparent serial killer on the loose on New Year’s Eve to an artist found poisoned in her studio, the cases are more baffling than ever. And an unexpected romantic encounter prompts some soul-searching for Jack.

November 6, 2020: Dad’s Army | New to BritBox, Exclusive | 88 X 30, 1 X 45, 1 X 60
Written by Jimmy Perry (Hi-de-Hi!, The Gnomes of Dulwich) and David Croft (‘Allo ‘Allo!, Hi-de-Hi!), this iconic British sitcom follows the struggles of a Home Guard platoon during World War II. With the threat of invasion from Nazi Germany, Home Guard was formed with men not yet in the regular army. Due to many of the Home Guard volunteers being older, the force became known as “Dad’s Army”. Filled with beloved characters, coined catchphrases and hilarious incompetence, it’s no wonder that this BBC program is undoubtedly regarded as one of the most iconic British sitcoms of all time.

November 7, 2020: ‘Allo ‘Allo! | New to BritBox, Partially Exclusive | 38 X 22, 54 X 30, 2 X 45, 1 X 50
Meet René, the most wanted man in Occupied France and a mustachioed café owner. Women want his body, the Resistance wants his brain and the Nazis want his sausage! In a small café in Nouvion, the harassed proprietor is having a trying war. With the German army in residence in the bar, René is risking his neck to aid the Resistance by hiding two British airmen and a radio transmitter upstairs in his mother-in-law’s bedroom. He is also involved in hiding the priceless painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies in a large sausage which even now is being sniffed out by the Gestapo. But Rene’s real problem is his wife, Edith, and what she will do to him when she finds out about the affairs he is having with his two sexy waitresses. From outright farce to unsubtle double entendres and mother-in-law jokes, this British sitcom is humor which easily travels. It has crazy characters and even crazier plots, a wealth of catchphrases and, of course, René – the most improbable French hero since Inspector Clouseau.

November 8, 2020: Autumnwatch 2020 | North American Premiere, Exclusive, NOW | 8 X 60 | Airs Daily
The world is covered in a cobbler crust of fallen leaves, and the Watch team is back to document the most revered and rare Scottish wilderness amid seasonal transitions. Join Chris Packham (Springwatch, Winterwatch), Michaela Strachan (Springwatch, Winterwatch), Gillian Burke (Springwatch, Winterwatch) and Iolo Williams (Springwatch, Winterwatch) as they live broadcast the beautiful wildlife throughout autumn.

November 13, 2020: To the Manor Born | New to BritBox, Exclusive | 20 X 30, 2 X 45
When Audrey fforbes-Hamilton (Penelope Keith, Good Neighbors) is forced to sell the house that has been in her family for years, Grantleigh Manor, she takes matters into her own hands by moving into a lodge on the estate to keep an eye on the property. The manor is bought by Richard DeVere, a rich supermarket owner, whom Audrey develops a love-hate relationship with.

November 14, 2020: Good Neighbors | New to BritBox | 28 X 30, 2 X 45
After becoming disillusioned with his life, Tom Good packs in his job as a draughtsman designing plastic toys to be given away in cereal boxes to live a completely self-sufficient life in suburbia with his wife Barbara. But what will the neighbours think? Especially Margo Leadbetter, a complete snob who likes to keep the right tone in their exclusive neighborhood, think of Tom and Barbara’s lawn that they’ve dug up to turn into a vegetable plot? As idyllic as the good, self-sufficient life sounds, Tom and Barbara are quick to realize that it is much harder work than anticipated.

November 15, 2020: Rising Damp | New to BritBox | 28 X 30
Meet Rupert Rigsby, a grubby landlord of possibly the most run-down, seediest boarding house that England has to offer. His unfortunate tenants include Ruth Jones, an administrator at the university; Alan, a medical student; and Philip, who is studying town and country planning. Alan and Phillip are the focus of Rigsby’s many prejudices, usually at the expense of his dignity and standing in the eyes of Miss Jones, with whom he is hopelessly and pathetically in love.

November 17, 2020: Our Girl S4 | North American Premiere, Exclusive | 6 X 60
The return of this popular series is filled with more thrilling action and dangerous missions in the life of military medic Georgie Lane and the tight-knit team in her army unit. Georgie is now a sergeant and training a new group of medics. Happily living back in Manchester with her family, she’s determined not to join the division’s deployment to Afghanistan. However, when a night out turns perilous, Georgie can’t deny that the painful memories of losing the love of her life to a Taliban attack is the real reason she doesn’t want to go back.

November 20, 2020: One Foot in the Grave S4-6 | New to BritBox, Exclusive | 33 X 30, 5 X 45
Exploring the world of sixty-year-old, bad-tempered Victor Meldrew, One Foot in the Grave shows that aging gracefully is highly overrated. When Victor is forced into early retirement – a fate he regards as little better than a death sentence – the abrupt transition from working man to senior citizen leaves him floundering for a purpose in life. To make matters worse, his wife continues working, leaving him home all day to fuss and fume over every small incident.

November 21, 2020: The New Statesman | New to BritBox, Exclusive | 26 X 30, 1 X 60
Rik Mayall (Blackadder, The Young Ones) stars as Alan B’stard, a Conservative MP who is elected to Parliament with a massive majority due to the mysterious absence of any opposing candidates. His thirst for power is paramount as he adopts ruthless methods to reach the top of the political ladder.

November 22, 2020: Chef! | New to BritBox, Exclusive | 18 X 30, 1 X 22
Starring Lenny Henry (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) as a temperamental top chef whose personal and management skills do not match his culinary abilities, meet Gareth Blackstock, the temperamental prima donna cooking up a storm in the kitchen. A chef at the prestigious restaurant Le Chateau Anglais, he lets nothing interfere with his quest for culinary excellence. Despite setting the most exacting standards for his kitchen staff and serving meals to customers that are nothing short of a masterpiece, his staff still bends the rules where they can and some customers still have the nerve to ask for salt. Even Gareth’s beautiful wife, Janice, lacks enthusiasm, bored with her life as a neglected housewife and wishing she could return to her high-powered job in finance. After qualifying for a loan with Janice’s patient help, Gareth is suddenly exposed to the harsh realities of the restaurant management business.

November 24, 2020: The Bill S25 & “The Best of” | 65 X 30, 14 X 30
Based around the lives of police officers at the fictional Sun Hill Police station, The Bill is Britain’s longest running police procedural drama with a staggering 26-year run. With an impressive list of high-profile guest stars, this “Best of” collection features star-studded appearances including David Tennant (There She Goes), Hugh Laurie (A Bit of Fry and Laurie), Craig Charles (Red Dwarf) and Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean). Watch as uniform officers and detectives from an inner London police station enforce law and order on a day to day basis in one of the most popular serial dramas on television.

November 27, 2020: A Bit of Fry and Laurie S2-4 | New to BritBox, Canada Exclusive | 26 X 30, 1 X 22
Written by Stephen Fry (QI, Alfresco) and Hugh Laurie (House, Alfresco), watch the iconic sketch comedy show that helped launch this pair to comedy super-stardom. Starring Deborah Norton as everyone else, this program brings to life a wonderful collection of truly eccentric characters in a world that mixes subtle word play with slapstick humor.

November 28, 2020: Do Not Adjust Your Set S1-2 | New to BritBox | 14 X 25
Innovative and influential, Do Not Adjust Your Set was a madcap early-evening comedy sketch show that quickly acquired a cult following with Swinging Sixties adults, who rushed home from work to see it. Written by and starring Michael Palin (Ripping Yarns), Terry Jones (The Meaning of Life), Eric Idle (At Last the 1948 Show), with great performances and additional material from David Jason (A Touch of Frost) and Denise Coffey (Sir Henry at Rawlinson End), it also provided an early showcase for the hilarious animations of Terry Gilliam (The Meaning of Life), and the brilliantly bizarre musical antics of the legendary Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

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