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Blumhouse Developing Movie Our Lady of Tears, NBC News Series

Blumhouse this week has announced a new movie, titled Our Lady of Tears, and a new limited series the production company is developing with NBC News.

Blumhouse recently acquired the rights to and is developing Our Lady of Tears, based on the recently published Epic Magazine article, The Haunting of Girlstown, written by Daniel Hernandez and published on Vox.

Issa López will direct Our Lady of Tears

Issa López (Tigers Are Not Afraid) is set to write and direct the film adaptation of the article that focuses on a mass hysteria epidemic with supernatural roots, that in 2007 spread through Villa de las Niñas, an all girls, Catholic boarding school in the outskirts of Mexico City. The school recruited and isolated socially-neglected girls coming from families living in extreme poverty and in remote areas of Mexico.

With this project, López would tap right into the area that gave her international recognition with the multi-awarded, critics darling Tigers Are Not Afraid: A supernatural tale about children fighting for survival in a harsh real-life environment.

Tigers Are Not Afraid

“The moment I read the Epic article, I knew I wanted to tell this story. I myself attended a Catholic school in Mexico City. I grew up on a steady diet of supernatural visitations and miracles, and of the real life horrors that young girls who grow up in poverty face every day in Mexico, and around the world. Having the chance to tell that story with Jason and his team, producers of such socially incisive genre classics like Get Out, and of so many true horror gems, is a huge privilege. I couldn’t be more excited about this movie,” López said about the project.

“The Blumhouse team was enthralled by the original article and Daniel’s deep reporting around such a terrifying and heartbreaking story. Ever since I first watched Tiger’s Are Not Afraid, I have wanted to find a project to collaborate on with Issa and I knew this was a perfect fit. I can’t wait for audiences to see her take on this material,” said Jason Blum, Blumhouse co-founder and CEO.

“Epic spent years tracking down former students, government officials and teachers to try to understand what happened at Girlstown. We learned that isolation can protect us from physical threats but our internal demons follow us wherever we go,” said Joshua Davis, co-founder, Epic.

Jason Blum will produce with Epic’s Joshua Davis and Arthur Spector. Epic co-founder Joshuah Bearman will executive produce. Our Lady of Tears will be produced by Blumhouse in association with Epic Media.

Blumhouse Television and NBC News Studios will also co-produce a scripted series on the notorious Pam Hupp case, the first project out of the partnership that was announced earlier this year.

The murder of Betsy Faria in 2011 resulted in her husband Russ’s conviction, but he insisted he did not kill her. His conviction was later overturned. This brutal crime set off a chain of events that would expose a diabolical scheme.

Dateline NBC would also become a character in this saga, and, as the leading source on true-crime storytelling, covered it many times, dating back to 2014, and also created a podcast in 2019, The Thing About Pam, reported by Keith Morrison.

“We have covered this story from all angles, including as an unwitting participant,” said Liz Cole, president of NBC News Studios and Executive Producer of Dateline. “Having been at the forefront of the true crime genre for so long, we know better than anyone that truth is often stranger than fiction, and with the twists and turns in this case, we saw a real opportunity to present it in a scripted format. We are so fortunate and pleased to be co-producing it with the brilliant storytellers at Blumhouse Television.”

Pam Hupp was a friend of Betsy Faria’s and drove Betsy home the night she was murdered.

“We’ve delved into true crime before with unscripted. We’re not just looking for monsters under the bed, but also the things that keep us up at night so the chance to mine the incredibly rich trove of material from the Dateline archives to develop is a really unique and exciting opportunity for us.” said Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold co-presidents Blumhouse Television. “When we first came across The Thing About Pam, like thousands of others who’ve seen the Dateline episode and listened to the podcast, we were riveted. So when NBC presented this to us we jumped at making this our first scripted project with them.”

Liz Cole will executive produce for NBC News Studios. Jason Blum, Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold will executive produce for Blumhouse Television. David Corvo is the senior executive producer of Dateline.

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