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Birdgirl Series Takes Flight at Adult Swim

Adult Swim has ordered Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law spin-off Birdgirl. After being named CEO of the world’s largest and most non-sensical corporation, Sebben & Sebben, Judy Ken Sebben (aka Birdgirl) has to find a way to maintain her work/superhero life balance.

Through the halls of the company headquarters she assembles her Birdteam! By day, they try to drag the company into this century. By… mid-afternoon, they usually end up having to break a lot of things to stop something bad that one of them may have helped cause. It’s the sort of superhero team we get at this moment.

Birdgirl is a half-hour comedy series starring Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds), created and executive produced by ME Productions. Produced by Susan Shipsky and directed by Rich Ferguson-Hull, the series is animated by Awesome, Inc.

Adult Swim aired a half-hour special, Harvey Birdman, Attorney General, on October 14, 2018. Attorney General centers around newly-elected megalomaniac billionaire President, Phil Ken Sebben, who announces Harvey Birdman as this country’s next Attorney General. In his new role, it’s up to Harvey Birdman to find a way to remove President Phil Ken Sebben from office, before everyone starts to worry it’s more than the ridiculous plot to an animated show.

Attorney at Law aired for four seasons on Adult Swim from 2000 – 2007. Attorney General reunited creators and executive producers Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter, with Richard Ferguson-Hull and Evan Adler also serving as executive producers.

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