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BBC Select April 2021 Programming Announced

New BBC streaming service BBC Select has launched in the U.S. and Canada and we’ve got their lineup for April. The BBC Select April 2021 programming brings together fresh voices, an eclectic mix of stories and new perspectives in culture, politics and ideas.

BBC Select April 2021 Programming Announced

BBC Select is a new streaming channel for independent thinkers everywhere. Featuring many programs never before seen in the U.S. and Canada, the service will deliver an exclusive bundle of content based on a weekly theme: “The Drop” will bring to you a fresh take on a particular topic from an inspiring individual, and group together three titles relevant to that week’s theme.

You can watch the BBC Select April 2021 lineup is available on Amazon Prime Video and the Apple TV app – with a 7-day free trial.

BBC Select April 2021 Programming Announced


Me, My Selfie and I – available today
Most people now have more images of themselves in their phone than of their entire childhood. Conceptual artist Ryan Gander investigates this – the new kind of self-regard that hardly existed just ten years ago.

He discovers the roots of the selfie go back hundreds of years and, in the age of social media, when we are told to be our best selves and live our best lives, he asks what that really means and what technology is doing to our sense of self.

BBC Select April 2021 Programming Announced

The Romantic Revolution – available today
Sir Simon Schama on the enduring legacy the Romantics have left on our modern world including their ideas – from over 200 years ago – of popular revolutions, self-obsession and modern nationalism.

Contributors include Pete Doherty, Sir David Attenborough, Harriet Walter, Christopher Eccleston, hip-hop artist Testament, French street artist PBoy and Tobias Menzies.

The $50 Million Art Swindle – available today
Acclaimed director Vanessa Engle tracked down the charlatan New York art dealer Michel Cohen – who swindled over $50 million from the art establishment before going on the run from the FBI for 18 years.

Engle persuaded him to tell his extraordinary story which is part crime caper and greed but also an exploration of motive and morality.

The Last Igloo – April 19
Timed with Earth Day, this film tells the story of a typical day in the life of an Inuit hunter in Greenland, as he travels across the stunning arctic landscape with his dog sled, fishes through the sea ice, and finally builds an igloo. While Inuit now live in permanent settlements, igloos are symbolic of a whole way of life that may be lost forever as the snow and ice disappear.

With an original score from acclaimed Icelandic composer Biggi Hilmars, this is an extraordinary and poetic sensory immersion in the arctic landscape.



21st Century Mythologies

A Slow Odyssey: The Great Wall of China

Accidental Anarchist

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

Avicii: True Stories

The Boy Who Tried to Kill Trump

The Brilliant Brontë Sisters

Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing

Clothes to Die For


Crime and Punishment

Damned In the USA

David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars

Travels in Europe with Ed Balls

Eugenics: Science’s Greatest Scandal

Extraordinary Women

Filthy Cities

The Genius of Roald Dahl

Hokusai: Old Man Crazy to Paint

Horror in the East

Joanna Lumley’s India

The Joy of AI

The Kinky Sex Survey

Life After Prison

The Man Who Shot New York

The Man Who Shot Tutankhamun

Masters of Money

Mums Make Porn


Nixon in the Den

North Korea: Voices from the Secret State

Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve

The Queen Mother

Queen Victoria and Her Nine Children

Rebel Women: The Great Art Fightback

Rise of the Nazis

Secret Cities

The Secrets of Branding

Secrets of the Superbrands

The Silk Road

Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?

Trump In Tweets

Starbucks & Nespresso: The Truth About Your Coffee


The Romantic Revolution

The $50 Million Art Swindle


A Brief History of Graffiti


The Last Igloo

Epidemic: The Great Plague

Oceans Apart: Art and the Pacific

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