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New Batwoman Picture Featuring Ruby Rose!

Supergirl star Melissa Benoist has shared a great new photo featuring herself with Ruby Rose as Batwoman on the set of the Elseworlds crossover. You can view the Batwoman picture in full below, and we’ve also included Benoist’s previous photo in which she appears with Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane.

The Elseworlds crossover event will mark Ruby Rose’s first appearance, but Rose will also play the role in the Batwoman series in development for the 2019-20 season. Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, Kate Kane soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly-trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence. But don’t call her a hero yet. In a city desperate for a savior, Kate must overcome her own demons before embracing the call to be Gotham’s symbol of hope.

Caroline Dries is executive producer and writer of the Batwoman series, which is also executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Geoff Johns. The series comes from Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Elseworlds was the publication imprint for American comic books produced by DC Comics for stories that took place outside the DC Universe canon.

If you missed them, you can also see John Wesley Shipp in his 1990s’ Flash costume,  Superman’s black suit, and a switched Oliver and Barry.

Newcomers to the Elseworlds cast also include Cassandra Jean Amell (Stephen Amell’s real-life wife) as Nora Fries, the wife of Mr. Freeze, LaMonica Garrett (Designated Survivor) as The Monitor, and Jeremy Davies as Dr. John Deegan.

The crossover starts on Sunday, Dec. 9 with The Flash at 8 p.m., followed by Arrow on Dec. 10 at 8 p.m., and concluding Dec. 11 at the same time with SupergirlDC’s Legends of Tomorrow is not part of the crossover this year.

Batwoman Photo: Ruby Rose is Revealed as the Superhero!

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