Watch the Batgirl Audition Tapes from Conan!

And Batman wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Conan O’Brien returned to the San Diego Comic-Con for the fourth year in a row this week with star-filled shows. This year’s roster includes the stars of the of the Emmy-winning sensation Breaking Bad reuniting for the 10-year Anniversary of the show, the stars of Glass, The Predator, and the stars of Aquaman.

Are part of the shows, Conan’s team has put together some funny videos which you can now watch online! First up is the “Batgirl Audition Tapes” video, in which Hilary Swank, Wanda Sykes, Maria Bamford, and Nick Offerman are just a few of the multi-talented actors who auditioned for the upcoming Batgirl movie. You can watch that video above!

The actual Batgirl movie in development has Christina Hodson (upcoming BumblebeeShut In, Unforgettable) writing the script for Warner Bros. Pictures. Joss Whedon exited the project earlier this year and a new director has not been named yet.

Other Conan videos from Comic-Con you’ll want to check out are below, including “Batman Wants to Join the Marvel Universe” and “Introducing: Thanos Butt Jeans.”

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