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AMC+ August 2022 Programming Announced

AMC has announced the programming coming to the AMC+ streaming service in August. The AMC Plus August 2022 lineup includes a wide variety of critically-acclaimed and commercial-free programming, including compelling new dramas, fan-favorite franchises, and film collections from across the company’s networks and streaming services.

The AMC Plus August 2022 programming includes the season finale of AMC+ Original series Moonhaven, a futuristic sci-fi thriller about a seemingly utopian community on the moon starring Joe Manganiello, Emma MacDonald, Dominic Monaghan, and Kadeem Hardison.

AMC Plus August 2022 Programming Announced

The AMC Plus August 2022 slate also includes the anticipated series finale of Better Call Saul and the two-episode premiere of new episodic anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead, starring Anthony Edwards, Olivia Munn, Terry Crews and Parker Posey. New episodes premiere one week ahead of AMC linear, until the season finale on Sunday, September 11.

Season two premiere of acclaimed genre-bending series Kevin Can F**K Himself, starring Annie Murphy and Mary Hollis Inboden debuts on AMC+. New episodes are premiering one week ahead of AMC linear, until season finale on Monday, October 3.

AMC Plus August 2022

Coming as well are the season finale of popular car series Top Gear on BBC America and AMC+, as well as the gripping documentary Hold Your Fire, chronicling the longest hostage siege in NYPD history.

New movies premiere every Friday in August, including invasion thriller Stowaway (August 5), conman caper based on a true story Rogue Agent (in theaters and on AMC+ August 12), female-led vacation comedy Spin Me Round (in theaters and on AMC+ August 19), and Shudder Original Watcher (August 26).

AMC Plus August 2022


Moonhaven – Season Finale of AMC+ Original Series on Thursday, August 4
This sci-fi thriller set 100 years into the future follows Bella Sway (Emma McDonald), a cargo pilot and smuggler who finds herself accused of a crime and marooned on Moonhaven, a utopian community on a 500 square mile Garden of Eden built on the moon to find solutions to the problems that will soon end civilization on Mother Earth.

A skeptic in paradise, Bella is sucked into a conspiracy to gain control of the artificial intelligence responsible for Moonhaven’s miracles and teams with a local detective, Paul Serno (Dominic Monaghan, Lost), to stop the forces that want to destroy Earth’s last hope before they are destroyed themselves.

Tomm Schultz (Joe Manganiello, True Blood), an ex-military with a philosophical bent, is the right hand of the lead Earth diplomat to the moon, who finds his ambitions changed when he’s injected with a mind-altering moon drug. *AMC+ Original

Good Grief – Season 2 Binge Debuts on Thursday, August 4
Since inheriting the Loving Tributes funeral home in Season 1, Ellie (Eve Palmer) and Gwen Goode (Grace Palmer, Adrift) have set off on very different paths. Ellie embraces her inner ‘girlboss’, with all the ill-fitting pantsuits, amateur TV ads, and plumber liaisons that entails.

Meanwhile, Gwen spends five months DJing in Bali and reappears unexpectedly in New Zealand to discover their mother has a new boyfriend and she’s been kicked out of the family home. Gwen moves in with Ellie, takes up the job of social marketing for Loving Tributes, and embarks on a childish prank war against their mother’s new partner.

As family tensions escalate at work and at home, Ellie must decide whether to intervene, or let Gwen grow up all by herself. *Sundance Now and IFC Original

Stowaway – New AMC+ Exclusive Film Premieres Friday, August 5
A tenacious party girl fights to survive after three thieves commandeer her luxury yacht. Unable to escape and trapped on the yacht at high seas, the prey becomes the hunter as she turns the tables on the intruders and takes matters into her own hands.

Starring Frank Grillo (Captain America), Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black), and Patrick Schwarzenegger (The Staircase), from popular music video director Declan Whitebloom.

Africa’s Wild Year – New Four-Part Nature Series Premieres Saturday, August 6
An epic, cinematic four-part series set over the course of a single year in Africa. Each episode focuses on one of the seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, revealing the vastly different conditions they bring. As temperatures change, rains sweep across the continent and light and heat fluctuate, every animal adapts accordingly.

Top Gear – Season Finale Premieres Thursday, August 11
Hosts Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness are back for their sixth season at the wheel, all three now with their racing licenses. This five-part season sees the trio head to America on a motorsport mission to the home of grassroots racing: Florida.

It also features a TV cop car tribute, which includes the hosts coming up with suggestions for some new cop cars that drama producers might like to consider. Furthermore, the hosts are going head-to-head in a heavy-duty challenge as they train to become truck drivers. Plus, reviews of the Maserati MC20, Rivian R1T and much more. *BBC America Original

Rogue Agent – New AMC+ Exclusive Film Premieres Friday, August 12 *In Theaters and on AMC+ Inspired by the chilling true story of conman, Robert Freegard and Alice Archer, the woman who brought him down. A master manipulator, Freegard kidnapped countless victims, convincing them he was undercover MI5.

A tale of lies, loyalty, gaslighting, fear, hope, and the investigation and high-stakes manhunt, which saved the life of Freegard’s final victim. Starring James Norton (Happy Valley) and Gemma Arterton (Summerland).

Tales of The Walking Dead – Two-Episode Premiere on Sunday, August 14
New episodic anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead is the latest series withing the expanding TWD Universe. With six original one-hour standalone episodes focused on both new and established characters within the walker apocalypse, each episode has its own distinct tone and point of view.

But the stakes are high in each story, pushing new, indelible characters with relentless, life-threatening choices and situations. We get to see the apocalypse through different eyes, discovering more worlds, mythos, and mysteries of the Walking Dead.

The series stars Olivia Munn (The Newsroom, X-Men: Apocalypse, Six), Samantha Morton (The Walking Dead, Harlots), Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Parker Posey (Lost In Space), Anthony Edwards (Inventing Anna, WeCrashed), Poppy Liu (Dead Ringers), and Jillian Bell (Rough Night).

Also starring are Loan Chabanol (Fading Gigolo), Embeth Davidtz (Old, Ray Donovan,) Jessie T. Usher (Shaft, The Boys), Daniella Pineda (Cowboy Bebop), Danny Ramirez (Top Gun: Maverick), amongst others.

Better Call Saul – Series Finale on Monday, August 15
Better Call Saul’s final season concludes the complicated journey and transformation of its compromised
hero, Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), into criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

Hold Your Fire – New Documentary Premieres Thursday August 18
Brooklyn, 1973. Four young African-American men stealing guns for self-defense were cornered by the NYPD, starting the longest hostage siege in NYPD history. Could visionary police psychologist Harvey Schlossberg convince his superiors to do the unthinkable – negotiate with “criminals” – and save twelve hostages from a violent bloodbath? Produced by hip hop pioneer and filmmaker Fab 5 Freddy.

AMC Plus August 2022

Blinded – Season 2 Binge Debuts on Thursday, August 18
Blinded is a series about a journalist who is investigating the man she loves. Business journalist Bea Farkas (Julia Ragnarsson, Midsommar) and businessman Peder Rooth (Martias Varela, Narcos) are two champions: ruthless but with bleeding hearts, each on opposite sides of the trench.

They love and despise each other; help each other out and tear each other down. Season 2 of Blinded brings the next chapter of their love story. (Swedish Language) *Sundance Now

Spin Me Round – New AMC+ Exclusive Film Premieres Friday, August 19 *In Theaters and on AMC+
A manager of the Bakersfield, California franchise of the Italian chain eatery Tuscan Grove wins an all- expenses trip to the company’s gorgeous “institute” outside of Florence, Italy, and the chance to meet the restaurant chain’s wealthy and charismatic owner. Along with a mismatched group of local American franchise managers, Amber finds a far different adventure than the romantic fantasy she had imagined.

Starring Alison Brie (GLOW), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Molly Shannon (I Love That For You), Debby Ryan (Jessie), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Fred Armisen (Portlandia), Zach Woods (The Office), Tim Heidecker (Moonbase 8), and Ego Nwodim (Saturday Night Live).

Kevin Can F**K Himself – Two Episode Premiere on Monday, August 22
Allison (Emmy winner Annie Murphy) and Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden) must deal with Neil’s (Alex Bonifer) discovery of their dark secret, pushing Allison to find a better way out of her marriage to Kevin (Eric Petersen). Allison alters her original escape plan from Kevin. Patty once again agrees to help, but this time, on her own terms.

Watcher – New Film Premieres Friday, August 26
As a serial killer stalks the city, a young actress who just moved to town with her boyfriend notices a mysterious stranger watching her from across the street in this terrifying thriller. A Sundance Film Festival Official Selection and Grand Jury Prize nominee. Starring Maika Monroe (It Follows) and directed by Chloe Okuno (V/H/S/94). *Shudder Original

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