AMC Networks to Acquire RLJ Entertainment

Owners of Acorn TV, UMC, Agatha Christie Limited, and more

AMC Networks and AMC Studios Announce Projects in Development

AMC Networks and RLJ Entertainment today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for AMC Networks to acquire RLJ Entertainment in a going-private merger. The aggregate enterprise transaction value is approximately $274 million, and pursuant to the merger agreement, AMC Networks will pay, in cash, an aggregate of approximately $65 million to holders of RLJ Entertainment’s outstanding common stock, preferred stock and warrants not currently owned by AMC Networks, Robert L. Johnson and their respective affiliates. Upon completion of the merger, RLJ Entertainment will become an indirect subsidiary of AMC Networks, with Mr. Johnson and his affiliates owning a stake of 17%.

Josh Sapan, President and CEO of AMC Networks said, “Bob Johnson is a legend for good reasons that we are the beneficiaries of. His management team is extraordinary, having successfully transitioned Acorn TV from a home video and DVD business to a leading direct-to-consumer subscription service, and growing both Acorn TV and UMC in a competitive environment, by offering excellent, sought-after content and creating strong brands. In addition, RLJ Entertainment’s majority stake in the Agatha Christie library—a content brand which remains one of the most popular and venerable—provides AMC Networks with valuable IP opportunities.”

Added Sapan: “This acquisition furthers AMC Networks’ digital strategy by meaningfully accelerating our interests in direct-to-consumer ad-free subscription services that we own and control, in addition to providing us with access to strong IP as we continue to diversify our revenue opportunities, placing AMC Networks in a stronger position over the long term.”

Scott R. Royster, RLJ Entertainment’s lead independent director and a member of RLJ Entertainment’s Special Committee of the Board established to evaluate, negotiate and determine whether to approve AMC’s going-private proposal, remarked: “Our mission during the transaction process was to carefully evaluate AMC’s proposal and negotiate the best price and overall deal terms attainable for the Company’s non-affiliate common stockholders. The going-private transaction with AMC provides stockholders with immediate liquidity, and the merger price represents a substantial premium to the Company’s unaffected stock price.”

Robert L. Johnson, RLJ Entertainment’s Founder and Chairman, stated, “I fully support AMC Networks’ acquisition of RLJ Entertainment. I commend the Special Committee for negotiating the transaction for our public stockholders.”

RLJ Entertainment is a premium digital channel company which serves distinct audiences primarily through its OTT branded channels, Acorn TV, known for its high-quality British and international content, and UMC (Urban Movie Channel), the first subscription video-on-demand service created for African American and urban audiences. The business has considerable momentum having recently announced that combined subscribers to Acorn TV and UMC have surpassed 800,000, an increase of over 100,000 subscribers from December 31, 2017, and representing an increase of 45% from a year ago. Earlier this year, Acorn TV and UMC launched on Comcast’s Xfinity TV platform and are accessible On Demand and on the go via the Xfinity Stream app and portal.

RLJ Entertainment also has a controlling interest in Agatha Christie Limited, providing the company with extensive IP licensing opportunities. Agatha Christie’s work remains exceptionally popular, as reflected by last year’s box office success of 21st Century Fox’s Kenneth Branagh-directed adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, which grossed more than $350 million in worldwide box office, and the studio’s forthcoming Death on the Nile sequel, as well as Amazon’s recent multi-show deal with Agatha Christie Productions for seven dramas based on the author’s works.

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