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AMC+ June 2021 Programming Announced

AMC has announced the programming coming to the AMC+ streaming service in June. The AMC+ June 2021 lineup includes a wide variety of critically-acclaimed and commercial-free programming, including compelling new dramas, fan-favorite franchises, and film collections from across the company’s entertainment networks and targeted streaming services.

As part of the AMC+ June 2021 programming, the service will shine a spotlight on Juneteenth with a collection of feature films honoring the holiday, including 12 Years a Slave, Detroit, Men of Honor, and documentaries such as The Black Power Mixtape 1967- 1975, The Stand, Lynch: A History, Free Angela and All Political Prisoners, The Blood is at the Doorstep, Fight for Justice, Dark Girls and more.

In honor of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, AMC+ is presenting over 50 series and films, from award-winning documentaries to powerful dramas, to acclaimed comedies and ground-breaking series. Highlights include Blue is the Warmest Color, A Kid Like Jake, Strike a Pose, Do I Sound Gay? and How to Survive a Plague.

AMC+ June 2021 Programming Announced


Our House – Premieres Wednesday, June 2
Starring Thomas Mann, Kate Moyer, Nicola Peltz and Percy Hynes White, the 2018 horror film directed by Anthony Scott Burns from a screenplay by Nathan Parker. A remake of the 2010 film, Ghost from the Machine, the film is about a young genius who accidentally invents a device that amplifies the paranormal activity within his family’s house, possibly bringing back the spirits of loved ones, and unleashing things far worse. *IFC Films Unlimited

The Quiet One – Premieres Wednesday, June 2
Featuring never-before-seen home movies and photographs, this documentary offers a unique, behind-the- scenes look at the highs and lows of the life and career of Bill Wyman, former founding member of the Rolling Stones and renaissance man of rock and roll. *IFC Films Unlimited

AMC+ June 2021

Caveat – Premieres Thursday, June 3
When a lone drifter with partial memory loss, Isaac, accepts a job to look after his landlord’s niece, Olga, for a few days, it all seems like easy money, but there is a caveat; he must wear a leather harness and chain that restricts his movements to certain rooms. Trapped and at the mercy of Olga, Isaac begins to discover secrets in the house that coincide with the terrifying resurgence of his own memory. *Shudder Original

The Gulf – Season 2 Premieres Thursday, June 3
In Sundance Now’s gripping psychological mystery from New Zealand, Detective Jess Savage (Kate Elliott, Wentworth) is recovering from a car crash that killed her husband when she learns about a new lead in a cold case. Jess restarts the investigation but notices troubling lapses in her memory. As she searches for answers, she begins to fathom that justice isn’t always right, and not all crimes are wrong. *Sundance Now Exclusive

TWD World Beyond: Episode Diaries – New Episodes Continue Every Thursday
Dive deeper into AMC’s newest franchise in The Walking Dead Universe with World Beyond: Episode Diaries, featuring bonus editions of the first season with behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews.

– The Amusement Park – Photo Credit: Shudder

The Amusement Park – Premieres Tuesday, June 8
Recently discovered and restored in 4k 46 years after its completion by the George A. Romero Foundation, the film stars Martin’s Lincoln Maazel as an elderly man who finds himself disoriented and increasingly isolated as the pains, tragedies and humiliations of aging in America are manifested through roller coasters and chaotic crowds. *Shudder Exclusive

Peace Love & Understanding – Premieres Wednesday, June 9
Comedy-drama starring Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead), Chase Crawford and Elizabeth Olsen, about an uptight New York City lawyer who takes her two teenagers to her hippie mother’s farmhouse upstate for a family vacation. *IFC Films Unlimited Exclusive

Fear the Walking Dead – Early Access to New Episodes Continue Every Thursday Ahead of AMC’s Sunday Broadcast with the Season Finale Premiering on Thursday, June 10
In the season finale, everyone desperately scrambles to live out the coming destruction on their own terms.

Talking Dead – Early Access to the Special on Thursday, June 10
The popular aftershow hosted by Chris Hardwick covers the latest season of Fear the Walking Dead with a lineup of guests including showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss, and series stars Colman Domingo, Lennie James and Zoe Colletti.

Fear the Walking Dead: Episode Diaries – Full Season 6 Binge Available Starting Thursday, June 10
Special re-watch of the season featuring never-before-seen footage and interviews with cast and creators, available only on AMC+. *AMC+ Exclusive

Moloch – Season 1 Binge Available Starting Thursday, June 10
In an industrial seaside town, strangers burst into flames for no reason. Suicides? Murders? Supernatural phenomena? To find out, a young journalist and a psychiatrist go to investigate. (French language with English subtitles, 6 episodes, 2020) *Sundance Now Exclusive

Portlandia – Full Series Binge Available Starting Thursday, June 10
All episodes of fan favorite Peabody and Emmy-Award-winning IFC Original series starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, will be available for a full series binge.

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – Premieres Friday, June 11
This fascinating documentary reveals the behind-the-scenes story of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, drawing on rare archive footage and featuring eyewitness accounts of participants and unique knowledge from historical experts.

Our Queen – Premieres Friday, June 11
Timed to her official 95th birthday on June 12, AMC+ celebrates the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth with this feature-length documentary, providing an in-depth portrait of Elizabeth II during her Diamond Jubilee year. Prince Charles and other members of the royal family share their stories, providing insights into the Queen’s life over an important and busy 12 months filled with celebrations.

Meerkat Manor: Rise of the Dynasty – New Episodes Continue Every Saturday
Narrated by BAFTA-winning actor Bill Nighy, BBC America’s compelling saga continues the heartstring- tugging, dramatic tale of survival revolving around three families of meerkats who are descendants of the
legendary meerkat matriarch, Flower.

Kevin Can F**k Himself – First Two Episodes Premiere on Sunday, June 13
Starring Emmy-winner Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek), the much-anticipated dark comedy reveals the secret life of a sitcom wife as she breaks through the boundaries of the multi-cam world. Subsequent episodes will continue to premiere every Sunday, one week ahead of the broadcast debut on AMC.

Bottomless Brunch at Colman’s – New Specials Premiere Sundays, June 13 and June 27
Colman Domingo (Fear the Walking Dead) brings guests together for conversation and a delicious cocktail over brunch. Join Colman as he celebrates Juneteenth with guest Regina King (June 13) and Fourth of July with guests Patti LaBelle and DJ Jazzy Jeff (June 27).

Weird Wonders of the World – Full Season Binge Starting Sunday, June 13
The natural world is full of strange science and bizarre connections, from the sun’s effect on classical music to the commonalities between goats and spider. Embark on a fascinating journey to answer some of the strangest questions on the planet.

Superdeep – Premieres Thursday, June 17
A small research team went down below the surface to find out what secret the world’s deepest borehole
was hiding. What they have found turned out to be the greatest threat in history. And the future of humanity is in their hands. *Shudder Original

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs – Season 3 Double-Features Every Sunday with the Season Finale on Sunday, June 20
Experience Shudder’s hit original series with Joe Bob Briggs, the world’s foremost drive-in movie critic, as he presents eclectic horror movie double features, interrupting the films to expound upon their merits, histories and significance to genre cinema. The show’s hashtag, #TheLastDriveIn, has trended in the top 10 on Twitter in the US during the premiere of every episode and special, often reaching No. 1. Episodes will be available on-demand on AMC+ every Sunday following the live stream on Shudder on Fridays. *Shudder Original

Out of Blue – Premieres Wednesday, June 23
The 2018 crime drama starring Mamie Gummer, James Caan and Patricia Clarkson, is based on Marin Amis’ 1997 novel Night Train. When Detective Mike Hoolihan (Clarkson) is called to investigate the shooting of leading astrophysicist and black hole expert Jennifer Rockwell (Gummer), she is affected in ways she struggles to comprehend. *IFC Films Unlimited

A Discovery of Witches: Creator Series – Full Season Binge Starting Thursday, June 24
Leading up to the Season 2 AMC’s broadcast premiere on June 27, fans can catch up with a special re- watch of Season 1 with author Deborah Harkness as she offers new revelations into favorite characters and storylines. *Shudder/Sundance Now

An Unquiet Grave – Premieres Thursday, June 24
On the anniversary of his wife’s untimely death, a man convinces her twin sister to perform a ritual to allow
him to see her again. *Shudder Original

Innocent – Second Season Premieres Thursday, June 24
The second season of Sundance Now’s psychological thriller features brand new characters and story with an all-star cast including Katherine Kelly (Criminal) as a schoolteacher who allegedly has been having an affair with her 16-year-old student, and Shaun Dooley (The Stranger) as a lead detective facing his own tragic past. *Sundance Now Exclusive

Vicious Fun – Premieres Monday, June 29
Joel, a caustic 1980s film critic for a national horror magazine, finds himself unwittingly trapped in a self- help group for serial killers. With no other choice, Joel attempts to blend in or risk becoming the next victim. *Shudder Original

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