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Afterlife of the Party Trailer Featuring Victoria Justice

Netflix today released the trailer and poster for their upcoming film Afterlife of the Party. You can check out the trailer using the player below and you’ll find the poster underneath.

In the film, a social butterfly (Victoria Justice) experiences the biggest party foul of all… dying during her birthday week. To her surprise, she’s given a second chance to right her wrongs on Earth by reconnecting with loved ones, and most importantly, prove that she’s worthy enough to get into the big VIP room in the sky.

Afterlife of the Party Trailer Featuring Victoria Justice

The movie will hit the streaming service on September 2, 2021. The film is directed by Stephen Herek and written by Carrie Freedle.

It’s produced by Robyn Snyder and Deborah Evans and stars Victoria Justice, Midori Francis, Robyn Scott, Adam Garcia, Timothy Renouf, Gloria Garcia, Myfanwy Waring and newcomer Spencer Sutherland.

Party planner and social butterfly Cassie (Victoria Justice) is on top of the world, but a freak accident during her 25th birthday extravaganza brings it all crashing down – literally.

When she finds herself in the waiting room of the afterlife, Cassie meets Val, her guardian angel, who explains that she has five days as an angel-in-training to make things right on Earth with the people who meant the most to her: her lifelong best friend Lisa (Midori Francis), her grieving father, and her estranged mother.

In order to repair those relationships and make it to the big VIP room in the sky, Cassie breaks through the spiritual plane to communicate with Lisa and enlists her help to set things right with everyone.

In her journey of reflection and forgiveness, and, in true Cassie fashion, a few makeovers and impromptu dance parties along the way, Cassie finds that she might be the one with the most to learn.

Featuring the perfect balance of heart and hilarity, Afterlife of the Party is a modern testament to the power of female friendship, the magic of a perfect pop song, and the importance of living and loving each day like it’s your last.

Victoria Justice has also signed to star in an untitled Netflix romcom with Adam Demos, directed by Stuart McDonald. In the film, to land a major client, a hard-driving LA wine-company exec travels to an Australian sheep station, where she ends up working as a ranch hand and sparking with a rugged local.

The movie will be shot in Queensland, Australia. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said, “This new Netflix film is the latest in a string of domestic and international productions continuing to fuel the state’s screen boom which is critical to our economic recovery.” 

She added: “This project is a strong example of how our Production Attraction Strategy benefits Queensland’s local screen sector via exciting co-production arrangements for local businesses, such as Hoodlum Entertainment, one of the state’s most successful production companies.

“Screen is a major industry in our state and my Government’s recently announced $71 million boost as part of our Economic Recovery Plan, including $53 million to the Production Attraction Strategy, will ensure that the current pipeline of production continues for years to come, for the benefit of our expert local cast and crew.”

Are you excited to check out Afterlife of the Party when it hits Netflix on September 2? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @vitalthrillscom.

Afterlife of the Party Poster

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