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Adrienne Shelly Documentary Coming to HBO and HBO Max

HBO and HBO Max will debut feature documentary Adrienne on Wednesday, December 1 (8:00 -9:40 p.m. ET/PT). Directed by Andy Ostroy, the film is a celebration of the life and work of Adrienne Shelly, the actor, filmmaker, wife and mother, and a personal exploration of grief.

Adrienne Shelly starred in over 20 films including Hal Hartley’s indie classics The Unbelievable Truth and Trust. Known for her early ingenue roles, Shelly strove to tell her own female-centric stories and wrote and directed several movies, including the Sundance Film Festival hit Waitress.

Adrienne Shelly Documentary Coming to HBO and HBO Max

Yet, Shelly would not live to see the film’s release, hear the critical acclaim, nor experience the smash Broadway musical based on her work. She was murdered in late 2006, leaving behind her devastated husband (Ostroy) and two-year-old daughter Sophie.

Through candid conversations with family, friends and colleagues, Adrienne takes viewers on Ostroy’s poignant journey to share Adrienne’s life story and honor her legacy, while giving a rare window into how a family navigates unfathomable tragedy.

Shaped through Ostroy’s intimate narrative, home video and archival footage, and anecdotal interviews from those who knew and loved her, Adrienne is a powerful emotional look at Shelly’s life, detailing her determination to create art, her aspirations to uplift others, the beautiful family she left behind and ultimately the career success she always dreamed of.

With remarkable candor, Ostroy and his now 17-year-old daughter address the void in their lives and the constant struggle to find closure after Shelly’s senseless death. Sophie’s childhood conversations with her father are represented visually by poetic animations which capture the extent of the loss of a mother to a child.

The film also features actors Paul Rudd, Keri Russell, Cheryl Hines, Nathan Fillion, Lew Temple, Jessie Mueller and Jeremy Sisto recalling their personal experiences with Adrienne Shelly and attesting to her talents.

Other participants include director Hal Hartley; singer/composer Sara Bareilles; retired NYC homicide detective Irma Rivera-Duffy; forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden; family members and friends.

While celebrating Shelly’s life, the film is also an exploration into her death. At first ruled a suicide, Ostroy knew there was no way his wife would take her own life. His efforts to pressure the police and to keep the story in the New York media led to a continued investigation and arrest of her killer.

As Adrienne flashes back in time to track Shelly’s early life, her career, and personal milestones, Ostroy’s journey to grapple with her death and the man responsible is palpable and ongoing.

Adrienne Shelly

Adrienne explores the far-reaching effects of a devastating tragedy on one family and her community. It also stands as an illuminating tribute to Shelly’s bright life and enduring achievements. With this film, Ostroy creates a beautiful memoir to his wife.

Shelly’s legacy includes The Adrienne Shelly Foundation, created by Ostroy, which has awarded over 100 production grants to women filmmakers including 2021’s Best Director Academy Award-winner Chloe Zhao.

The Blowback production is presented by HBO Documentary Films in association with all for A films. The film is directed and produced by Andy Ostroy.

The executive producer is Marc Levin, supervising producer is Daphne Pinkerson, and co-producer is Jillian A. Goldstein. For HBO, the senior producer is Sara Rodriguez, and the executive producers are Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller.

Adrienne Shelly


Sunday 14th of November 2021

Who is this movie for? Seems self serving.

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