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Action Adventure Tomiris Lands at Arclight Films and Well Go USA

Arclight Films, led by chairman Gary Hamilton, announced today the company has locked all U.S. distribution rights with Well Go USA for the action adventure Tomiris. The film is a powerful portrayal of the legendary Queen Tomiris directed by multi-award-winning director Akan Satayev (The Liquidator).

Starring Kazakhstan superstars Almira Tursyn (as Tomiris), Adil Akhmetov (as Argun), and Aizhan Lighg (as Sardana) –– who perform all of their own stunts –– Tomiris tells the real-life story of the great queen who, along with her female warriors, united divided nomadic tribes to create a powerful nation capable of repelling the likes of Persia.

According to historical accounts, Tomiris and her army very likely served as the downfall of Cyrus the Great, who was foolish enough to challenge the peoples of the Great Steppe and their inimitable leader.

“We are grateful to live in a world where there is a strong appetite for real-life stories of powerful women, stories that deserve to be told,” said Hamilton. “Tomiris tells one such story, and coupled with its exquisite landscapes and exceptional production values, it is an epic film that will enthrall audiences.”

He added: “When Kazakh-American film producer Gia Noortas (and head of the Honorary Consulate of Kazakhstan in Los Angeles) introduced us to this special project, we immediately recognized the extraordinary potential of this film. We are thrilled that our friends at Well Go USA are on board to bring the inspiring story of Queen Tomiris to U.S. audiences.”

While Queen Tomiris lived 2,500 years ago, her legacy continues to thrive today. She was not only a mother and warrior but also an incomparable strategist credited with the creation of Scythian female warrior divisions that served as the basis for tales of the Amazon warriors.

Indeed, Tomiris’ influence was such that her life was described in detail by famed Greek historian Herodotus, her beauty was depicted on many European works of art and her legacy has endured for millennia to inspire people throughout Central Asia.

“We have a passion for incredible stories, and few are more compelling than the almost unfathomable life story of the first historical ‘Queen of the Amazons,'” said Doris Pfardrescher, president and CEO of Well Go USA Entertainment.

“Tomiris viewers will be left awe-struck by this fierce young warrior, who embodied such strength and unwavering love for her people that she overcame great tragedy to protect them at all costs, even when it meant waging war against the most powerful empire the world had ever seen.”

The film is a co-production between Kazakhfilm Studios and Sataifilm. Tomiris was theatrically released in Kazakhstan on October 1, 2019, breaking records and making it one of the highest-grossing films in the country’s history.

The Kazakhfilm film studio has created 136 full-length feature films (including six television feature films); 73 short films; 258 documentaries (including eight documentary series); and 67 animated films (including one animated series and one full-length animated film). In the period from 2008 to the present, over 200 films of the Kazakhfilm film studio have become participants in more than 220 festivals and international shows in 60 countries.

After the success of 2006 release Racketeer, Sataifilm moved to a permanent mode of production of multi-series and feature films. Their other projects include Brothers (a multi-part, full-length series), Strayed, Hacker, Racketeer 2, Raiyony and Alone, which was released recently not only in Kazakhstan but also in the CIS.

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