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Acorn TV November 2022 Schedule Announced

Acorn TV announced the titles that will be released on the AMC-owned streaming service in November. The Acorn TV November 2022 lineup adds to the service’s wide variety of acclaimed English and foreign-language dramas, engaging comedies, documentaries, and more.

The Acorn TV November 2022 schedule includes Acorn TV Originals Doc Martin Season 10, My Life Is Murder Season 3, and Whitstable Pearl Season 2.

The Acorn TV November 2022 titles are available at Acorn.TV and on Prime Video Channels, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity, iOS, Android, Cox, and more.

Acorn TV November 2022 Schedule Announced


Doc Martin Season 10 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episodes Premiere Every Monday Through November 28; Series Finale on December 29
In this long-running, wildly popular UK dramedy, Martin Clunes (Manhunt) stars as surly and self-centered yet beloved Dr. Martin Ellingham with a rude bedside manner and a phobia of blood.

A year has passed since Martin resigned from his medical license, and his wife, Louisa (Caroline Catz), is now the one seeing patients as a child counselor while he looks after their own two young children.

But does the Doc truly never want to practice medicine again? Also returning for the final season: Dame Eileen Atkins as Doc Martin’s formidable Aunt Ruth, Ian McNeice as Bert Large, and Joe Absolom as Al Large.

Coming up: A documentary on the series premieres December 26, and the series finale premieres December 29.

Acorn TV November 2022

My Life Is Murder Season 3 (Acorn TV Original) – Final Two Episodes of Season 3 Premiere Monday, November 7
Retired detective Alexa Crowe (Lucy Lawless, Spartacus, Xena: Warrior Princess) moved back to her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, to bake amazing sourdough and reconnect with her ex-con brother (Martin Henderson, Virgin River).

But this irrepressible investigator can’t help poking her nose into bizarre murder cases, with assistance from data analyst Madison (Ebony Vagulans), DI Harry Henare (Rawiri Jobe), and café owner Reuben (Joseph Naufahu).

Acorn TV November 2022

Whitstable Pearl Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) – Two Episode Premiere Monday, November 28; Weekly Through December 12
In Season One, Pearl Nolan (Kerry Godliman, After Life, Trigger Point) juggled her commitments to the seaside town restaurant — the eponymous Whitstable Pearl — with her “side hustle” as a PI.

In Season Two, Pearl will prioritize her detective work and transition from being a chef who solves crimes to a full-time investigator who just happens to own a restaurant. Pearl’s cases overlap with DCI Mike McGuire’s (Howard Charles, Shadow and Bone, Top Boy) police investigations.

Their relationship is charged with a determination to outdo each other and a fiery mutual attraction. When they compete, sparks fly, and tempers flare. When they work together, they make a hell of a team.



Doc Martin Season 10 (Acorn TV Exclusive) | Episode 5
Louisa’s father makes an unannounced visit, but when it becomes clear that he is unwell, the Doc is torn between professional duty and family loyalty. (1 EP, 2022)

My Life Is Murder, Season 3 (Acorn TV Original) | Episodes 9 and 10 of 10 – SEASON FINALE

Episode 9: Staying Mum
When Alexa looks into the death of a popular male nanny, she learns that it’s not just kids who have cliques and that pushy parents are more terrifying than many killers.

Episode 10: Rising Angel
The case of a young model’s death backstage at a fashion show sees Alexa facing off with a former supermodel as she investigates some absolutely killer clothes. (2 EPS, 2022)

Made in Belfast
After his bestselling novel exposes the private lives of his closest friends and family, Jack Kelly (Ciarán McMenamin) returns home after eight years to put right some of the wrongs, which included breaking up his best friend’s marriage. It won’t be easy as his friends won’t forget or forgive the hurt and embarrassment that his roman-á-clef caused his nearest and dearest.

Featuring comic cameos from Bronagh Gallagher, Lalor Roddy, Stuart Graham, and Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody, Made in Belfast is an incisively charming debut feature from award-winning actor and playwright Paul Kennedy. (Movie, 2013)


Doc Martin Season 10 (Acorn TV Exclusive) | Episode 6
Martin and Louisa head to London so he can deliver the keynote address at the Imperial College Obstetrics Conference, but all does not go smoothly. (1 EP, 2022)

Innocent Season 1 | All episodes
The limited series follows David Collins (Lee Ingleby, The A Word) as he returns home after seven years imprisoned for the murder of his wife. When the initial judgment is overturned due to a technicality, Collins has left a free man and soon finds himself facing a new investigation that unveils dark secrets of abuse, affairs, and money troubles.

As a web of lies unmasks new potential suspects, fragile relationships are ripped apart at the seams, but one question remains: is David Collins truly innocent? Alongside Ingleby, the four-part series stars Angel Coulby (The Tunnel, Merlin), Daniel Ryan (Mount Pleasant), Hermione Norris (Cold Feet) and Adrian Rawlins (Dickensian. (4 EPS, 2017)


Doc Martin Season 10 (Acorn TV Exclusive) | Episode 7
Description TBD (1 EP, 2022)

Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland Season 2 | All episodes
Award-winning actor Adrian Dunbar (Line of Duty, Blood) is reconnecting with his roots as he travels the wild and rugged coast of Ireland. Covering over 600 miles, Adrian visits breathtaking locations, drives beautiful coastal roads, sees fantastic feats of engineering, and tastes Ireland’s amazing cuisine.

His travels allow him to meet new and old friends, and he shares some of his favorite places. He also fulfills his lifetime ambitions as he makes it to locations he has always wanted to see. The series is filled with fascinating history, unrivaled beauty, and astonishing landscapes and traditions, showing the Irish Coast really is like nowhere else. (2 EPS, 2022)

Short Film Showcase
This collection of ten riveting short films from Ireland consists of The Attendant (starring Adrian Dunbar), Love at First Sight (starring John Hurt and Phyllida Law), The Silent Child, Joey, The Phone Call, Roy, Little Bird, A Glimpse, Break (also starring John Hurt), and Don V. Lighting. (10 Films)


Whitstable Pearl Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) | SEASON PREMIERE – Episodes 1 and 2 of 6

Episode 1:
An ex-soldier is believed to have kidnapped his son while visiting France, where the boy lives with his mother. Pearl (Kerry Godliman, After Life, Trigger Point) and Mike team up to try and find the missing boy.

Episode 2:
Mike (Howard Charles, Shadow and Bone, Top Boy) has broken his ankle and, laid up at home, begins to be disturbed by a man in a flat opposite who has violent night terrors. Mike becomes convinced that the night terrors are a cover for his planning to murder his wife.

The police find no evidence to support this, so Mike hires Pearl to investigate further. She discovers a body, but it’s not the person she and Mike were expecting. (2 EPS, 2022)

Doc Martin Season 10 (Acorn TV Exclusive) | Episode 8 – PENULTIMATE EPISODE
Description TBD (1 EP, 2022)

Transport Season 1 (Foreign Language, Finnish, with English subtitles) – SEASON PREMIERE | All episodes
Celebrating its world premiere at Series Mania in the International Competition, this eight-part crime drama poses the philosophical question: what is the value of life? Not just human life, but the life of other creatures and animals too?

This series takes us to the world of money laundering and food fraud and seeks to find the moment in all of us when our sense of justice and integrity is either celebrated or compromised. (8 EPS, 2022)