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Acorn TV March 2022 Schedule Announced

Acorn TV has announced the titles that are coming to the AMC-owned streaming service in March. The Acorn TV March 2022 lineup adds to the service’s wide variety of acclaimed English and foreign-language dramas, engaging comedies, documentaries, and more.

The Acorn TV March 2022 schedule includes The Chelsea Detective, Murdoch Mysteries Season 15, and The Good Karma Hospital Season 4.

Acorn TV is available at Acorn.TV and on Prime Video Channels, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity, iOS, Android, Cox, and more.

Acorn TV March 2022 Schedule Announced


THE CHELSEA DETECTIVE (Monday, March 7, 2022, four 90-minute mysteries)
Acorn TV Original / Weekly Premieres on Mondays through March 28, 2022
London’s Chelsea neighborhood is a beautiful borough for beautiful people, but it has a dark underside of deception, violence, greed—and murder. Bodies have a way of showing up, and things are rarely what they seem.

DI Max Arnold (Adrian Scarborough, Gavin & Stacey, Killing Eve) and his partner, DS Priya Shamsie (Sonita Henry, Krypton), must root out the truth and bring those responsible to justice, no matter their wealth or status. Created, co-written, and co-executive produced by Downton Abbey commissioner Peter Fincham.

Acorn TV March 2022

MURDOCH MYSTERIES Season 15 (Monday, March 7, 2022)
Acorn TV Exclusive / Weekly premieres on Mondays continue through August 8, 2022 (24 episodes)
This new season of the internationally acclaimed period drama continues with all new compelling mysteries in late 19th and early 20th century Toronto.

In this age of invention, Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), the methodical detective, and his impassioned wife Dr. Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy) enlist radical forensic techniques like fingerprinting and ultraviolet light to solve a range of gruesome murders.

Acorn TV March 2022

THE GOOD KARMA HOSPITAL Season 4 (Episodes 1 & 2) (Monday, March 21, 2022)
Acorn TV Original / New Episodes Every Monday Through April 18
As the life-affirming medical drama set in India returns, Dr. Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia, Game of Thrones) is still reeling following Gabriel’s (James Krishna Floyd, My Brother the Devil) shock departure, and then she’s dealt another blow when her father is diagnosed with cancer.

Two new doctors join the Good Karma team, while Greg’s (Neil Morrissey, Line of Duty) and Lydia’s (Amanda Redman, New Tricks) relationship is threatened by the possibility of marriage.

Acorn TV March 2022



The Chelsea Detective (Acorn TV Original) | First of four mysteries – SERIES PREMIERE
“The Wages of Sin”

Stonemason Andrew Knightley is pushed under a London Underground train during the morning rush hour. DI Max Arnold (Adrian Scarborough) and his partner, DS Priya Shamsie (Sonita Henry), together build a picture of a lonely, devout, and troubled man who believed a spirit was leaving him with vengeful Biblical messages. But the killer is flesh and blood, and a more earthly explanation may be found in the truth of Knightley’s life. (1 EP, 2022)

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 15 (Acorn TV Exclusive) | Episode 2 of 24
“The Things We Do For Love – Part Two”

Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) makes an uneasy truce with an agent of the Black Hand crime syndicate to save his former lover and their son. (1 EP, 2022)

Walking Through History, Season 2 | All episodes
Tony Robinson embarks on spectacular strolls through some of Britain’s past. Tony discovers the hidden stories to many of the country’s landmarks and infuses each walk with an appreciation of some of the striking landscapes and geographical features Britain contains.

Highlights include walks through the stone circles of Avebury to Stonehenge, the famed Lake District, the fabulous Cornish and North Norfolk coasts, and the iconic Pier at Wigan. (6 EPS, 2014)


The Chelsea Detective (Acorn TV Original) | Episode 2 of 4
“Mrs. Romano”

Robyn Romano, social media sensation and wife of restaurateur Julia Romano, is reported missing. As the race to find Robyn alive pivots to a murder investigation, Max gets a taste of the combustible Romano clan, whose longstanding tensions and disagreements over the running of their eponymous Chelsea eatery may reveal how Robyn met her fate. (1 EP, 2022)

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 15 (Acorn TV Exclusive) | Episode 3 of 24

Murdoch pursues a well-known escaped convict linked to a long-ago murder that may have condemned the wrong man. (1 EP, 2022)

The Paradise (Acorn TV Exclusive-Foreign language) | All episodes
Two murders shake the Finnish community of Fuengirola, a community that made this tiny corner of Malaga on the shores of the Mediterranean their own little Finnish paradise. Hikka Mäntymäki (Riitta Havukainen), a 60-year-old veteran crime detective, travels from Oulu, Finland to help the local police on a case that will soon claim new victims in an ever-twisting and evolving brutal series of crimes.

However, as Hikka discovers, escaping the cold and the dark is much easier than leaving your own past behind. (8 EPS, 2020, Finnish/Spanish, w/English subtitles)

The Shelter: Animal S.O.S. | All episodes
This fascinating series offers a behind-the-scenes look at the daily work conducted by Ireland’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization, the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA). Filmed at the 32-acre DSPCA facility in the Dublin Mountains over the course of a year, this compelling series shares the trials and triumphs of a dedicated team of care staff, vets, and volunteers as they fight to save the lives of the many animals that need their help– from cats and dogs to birds and ponies. (6 EPS, 2021)


The Good Karma Hospital, Season 4 (Acorn TV Original) | Episodes 1 and 2 of 6

Episode 1 – Lydia is forced to admit a highly contagious Nipah patient into her hospital when Ruby and new doctor Samir break protocol in the fight to save the girl’s life.

Episode 2 – Ruby faces difficult questions when her actions have devastating consequences. Greg keeps a troubling secret from Lydia, and the hospital has a brand-new doctor. (2 EPS, 2022)

The Chelsea Detective (Acorn TV Original) | Episode 3 of 4
“The Gentle Giant”

A well-liked security guard is found stabbed to death, leaving behind his terminally ill wife. Could this pillar of the community have been killed in a drug deal gone wrong, as the evidence initially suggests? Max and Priya discover that the victim had an unsavory past filled with violence, racism, and hooliganism and that his death is the latest tragedy in a decades-old cycle of violence. (1 EP, 2022)

The Chelsea Detective

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 15 (Acorn TV Exclusive) | Episode 4 of 24
“Blood on the Tracks”

After a brake failure causes a train derailment, Ogden and Brackenreid find a murdered passenger and suspect sabotage. (1 EP, 2022)

The Murder Maps, Season 3 | All episodes
This drama-doc series takes you back in time to the most shocking and surprising murder cases in history. Host Nicholas Day guides viewers into the world of the killer as we see how police ingenuity and early forensics helped bring them to justice. (4 EPS, 2017)

The Chelsea Detective


The Chelsea Detective (Acorn TV Original) | Episode 4 of 4 – SEASON FINALE
“A Chelsea Education”

At first glance, Oliver Cowie — devoted family man, respected educator, all-around good guy — seems an unlikely murder victim until he’s found in a pool of blood, bludgeoned to death in his study. But scratch the surface, and it turns out there’s no shortage of suspects, ranging from his own wife to feuding colleagues, a vengeful ex-pupil, disgruntled parents, and a rather too-familiar family cleaner. (1 EP, 2022)

The Good Karma Hospital, Season 4 (Acorn TV Original) | Episode 3 of 6
Episode 3 – Samir realizes that Karishma needs more than medicine to fix her and arranges a little magic. Lydia discovers there’s only one answer to Greg’s visa problem. (1 EP, 2022)

The Good Karma Hospital

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 15 (Acorn TV Exclusive) | Episode 5 of 24
“Love or Money”

After a swindler is murdered, Murdoch’s investigation keeps circling back to one suspect – Crabtree’s Aunt Zinnia. (1 EP, 2022)

Candice Renoir, Season 4 (Acorn TV Exclusive – Foreign language) | All episodes
After putting her career on standby for ten years, Candice Renoir (Cécile Bois) returns from Singapore and joins the police force in a port town in southern France. Despite her rusty detective skills, her unit’s flagrant defiance, and a superior officer whose cynicism doesn’t make her job any easier, Candice is determined to turn her so-called weaknesses into strengths.

Murdoch Mysteries

She solves the most complex cases thanks to her common sense and keen observation skills, boosted by a pragmatic nature honed by a busy daily routine. Candice may seem naive on the outside, but she’s savvy on the inside, and no one can resist her. Each episode revolves around a stand-alone police investigation unfolding in various spheres.

Concurrently, Candice’s family life and romantic adventures come up like threads between episodes. Mixing mystery and comedy, Candice Renoir is a family show with a colorful heroine who fully embraces her femininity. (10 EP, 2016, French w/English subtitles)