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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 708 – Together Again Review


Star Wars: The Clone Wars has returned for its seventh and final season on the Disney+ streaming service. In this review, we’re taking a look at the eighth episode of the season, titled “Together Again.”

Believing they are better without her, Ahsoka makes a deal to free the Martez sisters and soon attempts her own escape, but she is left reeling from the discovery of the true mastermind behind the Pyke spice operation.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is rated TV-PG.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 708 - Together Again

What Worked

Let’s talk about the highlight of this episode – the appearance of Darth Maul. While it’s no secret due to his prominent presence on promotional materials, he’s a welcome surprise nevertheless. Since it is unlikely that we’ll see a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, this may be the only payoff we get from his cameo in the live-action film. We see him again manipulating the criminal underworld from behind the curtain of Crimson Dawn. It will be interesting to see how he’s involved in the subsequent story arc.

Nods to the theatrical films continue to be a fun part of these Clone Wars episodes. This time we see a Toong alien like the pod racer Ben Quadinaros from The Phantom Menace. Trace Matrez also pulls a ship maneuver straight out of Han Solo’s playbook from The Empire Strikes Back.

This episode “Together Again” also strikes the right mix of drama, humor, and action. We are treated to a fun fight between Rafa Matrez and a Trandosian “manager”. We also get to see a pretty cool starship fight as well. And Ahsoka has a noteworthy trick to get out of handcuffs that makes you wonder why we haven’t seen it in the movies before.

What Didn’t Work

The beginning of this episode starts out rather slowly and initially begins feeling like more of what we saw in the previous episodes – our heroes bickering, breaking out of jail, and sneaking around. But once the episode gets really rolling, all is quickly forgiven and you’re drawn into the action.

The Bottom Line

“Together Again” tees up a story arc that may be what fans have been waiting for in this final season. That being said, this episode is a solid entry on its own to the series.

Together Again Review Score: 8/10

The episode was Nathaniel Villanueva. The voice cast includes Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano, Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan, Dee Bradley Baker as Fife / Guard, Tom Root as Manager, Stephen Stanton as Marg Krim, Sam Witwer as Maul, Tom Kane as Narrator, Brigitte Kali as Trace Matrez, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Rafa Martez, Sharmila Devar as Ursa Wren, and Josh Brener as Worker.

You can watch a clip from the episode using the player above and you’ll find more images from the Disney+ series in the gallery below.


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