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Legion of Leia Podcast: Taryn O’Neill on Her Sci-Fi Short Live


On this week’s Legion of Leia podcast, Anastasia Washington and I welcome director/writer/actress Taryn O’Neill to chat about her amazing short sci-fi film Live. In the film, which is set in the near future, Taryn plays a woman who has had to go through social media with a sentient A.I. to create work for herself when acting doesn’t pan out. It’s a brilliant take on how much privacy we’re willing to give up in the pursuit of social media fame and fortune.

Legion of Leia Podcast: Taryn O'Neill On Her Sci-Fi Short 'Live'

Taryn is known for her work in NCISBill Nye Saves the WorldContinuum and Granite Flats. In addition to the film, we chat about how social media has changed the world, her sci-fi influences, and how people tend to focus on the fact that she’s an actor in the film, and not the fact that she’s also the writer and director. The film is embedded in the player below, and you can follow Taryn on Twitter @tarynoneill. You can also check out her science literacy and science in entertainment website Scirens.

Live is Taryn O’Neill’s directorial debut, and the film is making the rounds at festivals right now. She won Best Actor at Boston Sci-Fi Festival for her work. She’s also set to direct a fantasy action feature for Passionflix, so stay tuned to her social media!

In addition, here is a link to Anastasia’s storytelling show, which we mention on the podcast!

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