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Bethesda Release DOOM Eternal BATTLEMODE Multiplayer Overview


Bethesda has released the BATTLEMODE multiplayer overview for DOOM Eternal. The game premiered at this year’s E3 event for the game company. You can check out the video in the player below and pre-order the game by clicking here.

BATTLEMODE is DOOM Eternal’s all-new 2-v-1 multiplayer mode. Developed in-house at id Software, BATTLEMODE features all the fast, frenetic and ferocious combat that defines DOOM’s single player. Fight across six unique arenas with 5 playable demons — ALL future maps and playable demons will be free for all players. Play as either a fully loaded DOOM Slayer, or on a team of two player-controlled demons. The Slayer and the demons’ objective may be the same – destroy the other side – but their playstyles are entirely different. Which side will reign victorious?

Developed in-house at id Software alongside DOOM Eternal’s single player Campaign, BATTLEMODE features all the fast, frenetic and ferocious combat that defines DOOM across one of multiple unique and meticulously designed arenas. The Slayer and the demons’ objective may be the same – destroy the other side – but their playstyles are entirely different.

The Slayer in BATTLEMODE comes fully loaded with his complete arsenal, weapon mods and equipment. Not only is the Slayer’s gear at peak demon-eradicating efficiency, DOOM Eternal’s new movement abilities like the dash and monkey bar vault can turn the Slayer into a runaway freight train of destruction that’ll trample any unsuspecting demon.
Just like in the Campaign mode, aggressively seeking resources is crucial to victory. The Slayer takes what he needs from his enemies – players must actively Glory Kill enemies for health, torch demons with the Flame Belch ability for armor and chainsaw ‘em to chunks for ammunition.

Of course, playing as the Slayer is only half of the equation. BATTLEMODE also offers five playable demons for players to master – each with their own special playstyle and strategy.

Each demon offers unique abilities designed to outmaneuver and even outlast the Slayer if played cleverly with their teammate. For example, the Revenant can jet across the battlefield and bombard the area with shoulder-mounted rockets. Its special attack, a powerful barrage of rockets, offers a deadly long-range attack that gives players a balanced combination of offense and agility.

The Pain Elemental flies high above the arena and keeps a tactical eye on the Slayer’s position and pressures him from above. Of course, this also makes the Pain Elemental susceptible to the Slayer’s Meathook grapple, but players can defend against it with the Pain Elemental’s Soul Shield ability.

The Mancubus’ damage-absorbing bulk and arm-mounted ordnance spell bad news for any Slayer caught in close range. While not as mobile as its demon brethren, it makes up for it with its smoke bomb, covering its position so it can move in close for some real punishment!

The Marauder and Archvile are also playable demons available at launch, but we’ll have more details to share about them later. Trust us when we say they’re also a blast to fight as – and against – in BATTLEMODE.

DOOM Eternal launches on November 22, 2019.

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