Saturday, October 19, 2019
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First Look at Catan for PlayStation VR


Tomorrow the PlayStation VR version of Catan will hit and today the system is tweeting out a first look video. You can check out a preview of Catan below.

We’ve all had that moment. You stare across the room and see that familiar red box. It’s time to roll some bones, build some roads, hoard some sheep, and trade your way to victory on the island of Catan.

Unfortunately, this often happens when getting an impromptu gaming session together with your crew would be impractical if not impossible. You could fire up the mobile game, but you’re craving something a little bit more present; a bit more immersive.

Finally, you can scratch that itch any time, day or night, with the PlayStation VR version of Catan, starting tomorrow!

You can get more info on the game from the PlayStation blog post, including info on the setting for the game, the characters and the iconic island.

Are you guys excited to check out the VR version of the game from PlayStation? Did you play the tabletop game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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