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Earth Music Video by Lil Dicky Features Bieber, Grande, DiCaprio and More


Late last night, Lil Dicky revealed his much-anticipated Earth music video, which features the voices of some of the biggest stars in the world. Released in time for Earth Day, happening on Monday, May 22, the Earth music video attempts to build awareness about how we can make our planet better before it’s too late.

“Like a lot of people, I had a vague idea that something bad was happening here on Earth, but I didn’t really realize how insane our climate crisis is and how screwed humanity is about to be,” said Lil Dicky.

He adds: “It’s full-on crazy! If we don’t get our act together now, and change a lot about our fundamental behavior, Earth will become unlivable alarmingly soon. Why did it take me so long to get wind of this? I feel like everybody on the planet should be talking about this 24/7. But that’s not the case. So I wanted to make the most entertaining and epic piece of content possible, to get everyone aware and talking. Because it’s now or never… Let’s save the Earth! We love the Earth!”

In the works for three years and produced by Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat, the Earth music video features Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Zac Brown, Brendon Urie, Hailee Steinfeld, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart (as Kanye West), Adam Levine, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, SIA, Miley Cyrus, Lil Jon, Rita Ora, Miguel, Katy Perry, Lil Yachty, Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, Joel Embiid, Tory Lanez, John Legend, Backstreet Boys, Bad Bunny, Psy, and Kris Wu.

The video ends with an animated version and the voice of Leonardo DiCaprio. Partners of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation will receive net profits from the song, video, and merchandise. You can read more at

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