Friday, May 24, 2019
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Brian Helgeland to Adapt Button Man for Netflix


Netflix has brought on Brian Helgeland to write and direct Button Man, based on the graphic novel by John Wagner and Arthur Ranson.

Button Man tells the story of ex-military contractor Harry Exton. The first true hero of the post-truth age, Harry’s a proxy in a clandestine competition among the super rich. Paid to fight to the death in modern-day gladiatorial contests, Harry sets out on a relentless journey to use these twisted elites’ own dark machine to bring their corrupt world crashing down.

Matt Reeves’ 6th & Idaho will produce with Roger Kass and Addictive Pictures. The producers are 6th & Idaho’s Matt Reeves and Adam Kassan; RingTheJing Entertainment’s Roger Kass; and Addictive Pictures’ John Schoenfelder and Russell Ackerman

The executive producers are 6th & Idaho’s Rafi Crohn, and John Wagner and Arthur Ranson. The co-producers is Will Janowitz.

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