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James Bond Exhibition 007 x Spyscape: Driven Opens in New York


The first official James Bond exhibition in New York will open today, March 8th, at Spyscape in Midtown Manhattan. 007 x Spyscape: Driven will allow fans to discover the world of 007 from a new perspective through a multi-sensory experience that explores the creative process behind the 007 movies, while revealing the secrets of James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5.

Take a closer look at gadgets in Q’s lab, view original concept art in Oscar-winning Production Designer Sir Ken Adam’s studio and peek behind the scenes of Skyfall‘s explosive finale. This brand new exhibition offers a one-of-a-kind experience:

  • Arrival Tunnel – Uses light and music to draw you into the world of 007.
  • Immersion Room – Inspired by the title sequence of Goldfinger (1964), designed by Robert Brownjohn, this rich immersive space uses an evocative soundscape and sophisticated projection mapping onto a sculptural installation to transport you into a dreamlike Bond environment.
  • Q Briefing – Introducing the Aston Martin DB5 as first seen on screen.
  • Q Workshop – Step inside a contemporary evocation of Q’s workshop and come face to face with Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. The beloved silver birch beauty takes centerstage amidst a workshop filled with plans, designs and celebrated gadgets from Q and his team.
  • Ken Adam Studio – A studio for the legendary Sir Ken Adam, the Oscar®-winning Production Designer responsible for some of the most memorable 007 sets, vehicles and gadgets, features original sketches. You will see drawings come to life and hear Sir Ken tell the story of his creative career in his own words.
  • Production Studio – Go behind the scenes of the explosive moment in Skyfall when the malevolent Silva (Javier Bardem) orders his helicopter gunship to destroy first Bond’s DB5 and then his ancestral home. Walking into the studio you’ll see a 1/3 scale model of Skyfall Lodge and the actual 1/3 scale burned out car from the film. Key members of the production team explain the thinking behind the destruction of the Lodge and the DB5.
    Screening Room – a unique new compilation of memorable Bond moments with his beloved DB5.
  • Exit Tunnel – A specially commissioned soundscape, featuring the main Bond theme, leads you from the immersive exhibition to exit through the gift shop!
    Tickets available at Adult: $23 Child: $18.

The James Bond exhibition was created by Spyscape in partnership with EON Productions and MGM.

The main Spyscape exhibition and experience will stay open every day for would be secret agents to discover their own Spy Role and receive their own personalized spy profile developed by top psychologists and a former Head of Training for British Intelligence.

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