Who Is the Mysterious Girl in the New Frozen 2 Teaser?

Who is the Mysterious Girl in the New Frozen 2 Teaser?

Earlier today, Walt Disney Animation Studios released the first official teaser trailer for the much-anticipated sequel Frozen 2. Much excitement was had about the new trailer, with many of us oohing and aahing over the slick animation sequences (those crashing waves, guys) and the warmer, autumnal tones that mean that we’ll get a break from the wintery weather.

However, there was one major mystery that stood out to many after the conclusion of the teaser. A mystery girl appears surrounded by fall leaves towards the end of the trailer and, honestly, we could spend hours speculating. However, I’ll present two potential theories below and we can all just chat it out.

Theory #1: The mysterious girl is related to Anna and Elsa.  

Now, this theory is not rooted in much except for a general breakdown of the character design. The girl has hair that seems to be fairly reminiscent of Anna’s hair color and general messiness. Her build also seems fairly similar. However, the clothing the girl is wearing is a very different style compared to Anna and Elsa, which would indicate that she might possibly not be highborn like them. Also, the girl has no bangs whereas Anna is always shone with bangs, which you can check out below. I wouldn’t go so far to say that the girl might be Anna’s daughter because it seems too soon in the Frozen universe’s timeline to have any of that going on. But weirder things have happened.

Theory #2: The mysterious girl is an elemental like Elsa, but mostly focusing on the autumnal elements.

There was a lot of focus on Elsa practicing on her powers earlier on in the teaser with a beautifully-done crashing wave sequence. The segue from that into the approaching fall along with a scene featuring different geometrical shapes that are reminiscent of elemental symbols made me wonder perhaps if the mysterious girl might be connected to an element or a season much like Elsa is. All we have to go on is that one still of her surrounded by a carpet of fall leaves, but it’s enough to make anyone wonder.

All of this is purely fun speculation of course, but I would love to hear from you guys to know what you might be thinking regarding this. Who do you think the mysterious girl is? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget that Frozen 2 comes out in the U.S. on November 22, 2019.

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