Joe Pesci Watches Google’s Home Alone Ad

Joe Pesci doesn’t have to wait for the big game to know what his favorite commercial is. Check out the actor as he watches the Google Assistant Home Alone commercial that ran over the holidays and features Macaulay Culkin, reprising his role as Kevin McCallister, in a comedic “remake” of the classic film.

To celebrate one of the most popular holiday movies of all time, we catch up with a now 38-year-old McAllister and revisit iconic scenes with a tech twist. See what happens when a wiser and older Kevin enlists help from Google Assistant-enabled devices like Home Hub or Pixel phone.

Every year, Home Alone searches trend on Google during the holidays, spiking 1900% in a month last year. Home Alone is available on Digital now at Google Play.

You can watch the Google Assistant Home Alone ad, as well as the making of and shorter clips, by clicking here.