Extended Walmart Famous Cars Commercial from the Golden Globes

The commercial promotes the Walmart Grocery Pickup service

Walmart has brought online an extended version of their famous cars commercial that debuted during the 76th Annual Golden Globes! The commercial promotes the Walmart Grocery Pickup service.

According to Walmart, the new campaign uses famous cars to highlight the “magic moment” of the Walmart Grocery Pickup experience: when a Walmart associate loads the customer’s trunk with groceries.

The commercial features vehicles from properties such as BatmanGhostbustersKnight Rider, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Jurassic Park, Pixar’s CarsDumb & DumberScooby-DooThe FlintstonesCinderellaBumblebee, and Back to the Future.

The company says: “We not only picked ‘famous cars’ from iconic movies we knew would be instantly recognizable to our customers – and launched the campaign during one of the film industry’s most popular awards shows – but we also worked with a variety of different Hollywood studios to gain access to these vehicles. This helped ensure the ‘famous cars’ looked just like what our customers knew from the films, while demonstrating the ease, speed and convenience of the service – and that it’s for everyone, regardless of what car you drive.”

You can watch the extended commercial above and the shorter version using the player below.

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