New Promo for the Series Finale of Versailles

The final episode of the series airs on December 8

The third and final season of the Ovation series Versailles ends this Saturday, December 8 with a 90-minute episode. Three seasons of flowing hair, fancy dresses and gorgeous sets as well as some seriously juicy storylines are coming to an end. Today, we have a brand new promo for the final episode, which you can watch above.

Here is the info for the final episode: “Looking to the future, King Louis XIV (George Blagden) seeks to reconnect with his people and reconcile his family. As some oppressed Parisians plan a violent welcome for Louis, has one of his friends become a foe?”

We’ve seen a preview of the episode and it’s glorious. It’s also painful to watch after committing to this sweeping drama. As we’ve said before on LoL, this isn’t strictly geek, but anyone who is a raging fan of historical dramas will tell you that they’re just as compelling and fans are just as rabid. It’s just as much fun dissecting fact from fiction as it is seeing how closely a film or TV series follows a comic.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can catch up on Netflix, which has the first two seasons. If you’ve clicked on this and you haven’t watched yet, go do it right now! Also, forget what hygiene was like back then. Just watch the glory that is the hair of the men in this series.

If you are watching, let us know your thoughts as the series ends. Are you beautifully weeping into a lace hanky? Post your love for the show in the comments.