The Avengers 4 Runtime is Currently at Three Hours

And where are they in the editing process?

The Avengers 4 Runtime is Currently at Three Hours

MCU Cosmic talked with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 co-direct Joe Russo about the highly-anticipated May 3, 2019 release. In the video, which you can watch below, Russo answers fans’ questions and reveals that the current Avengers 4 runtime is three hours, though that could easily still change. Avengers: Infinity War was two hours and 29 minutes long.

Russo also says they are about halfway through the editing process and that they really are just at the beginning stages of creating all the special effects. He says there will be more than 3,000 special effects shots.

Asked when we’ll see the first trailer, all he says is that we may or may not see it before the end of the year. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously revealed we’ll see it before the end of the year, however. Disney still has Ralph Breaks the Internet (November 21), and Mary Poppins Returns (December 19) to go this year, so it could be with one of those films.

Fans have also been wondering what the title of the fourth installment might be, but he wasn’t ready to reveal that just yet. You can watch all his responses below.

The Russo brothers previously gave an update about the next Avengers movie. “We’ve worked on the edit all summer and we’re excited to finally get these missing pieces in the film and then we expect to be in post through the fall and winter. We hope to be done by March,” Anthony Russo said.

He added: “It was so gratifying that in a movie with this scope and scale and that wide of an audience, that we were able to end with a gut punch and yet the audience stayed with us and found value and kept coming back. It’s a rare thing to find in commercial filmmaking and we know it had a lot to do with the the capital that’s been built up around these characters for the last ten years of Marvel filmmaking. The audience is so invested in these characters that they’re willing to stick with them even through the hard stuff. It has been out great pleasure as storytellers to take them through that hard stuff and have it be a cathartic and even entertaining experience at times.”