The Full Trailer for Skylanders Ring of Heroes Revealed

Featuring the adventurous battles of various characters

Com2uS revealed the full trailer for its newest mobile RPG, Skylanders Ring of Heroes, for the first time at Paris Games Week in France. You can now watch the trailer online above!

Developed by Com2uS and based on the IP of one of Activision‘s most famous console games, Skylanders Ring of Heroes opened its global pre-registration event on October 15th.

The trailer features the adventurous battles of various characters, including: Master Eon, the leader of Skylands; Spyro, the adorable yet strong dragon; Eruptor, a strong character made out of flaming rocks; and Kaos, the vicious portal master.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is currently holding a global pre-registration event where participants will receive special in-game currency used to summon Skylanders and other helpful gifts to assist players who want to level up their game quickly. Google pre-registration users will also additional rewards via Google Play.