Avengers 4 Reshoot Info and Dave Bautista on the Guardians

"We’re excited to finally get these missing pieces in the film"

Avengers 4 Reshoot Info and Dave Bautista on the Guardians

Fans are starting to wonder when we’ll get the first trailer for the still-untitled Avengers 4, with the fourth installment opening in theaters on May 3, 2019. Although it’s already September 1st, it’s important to remember that Marvel Studios has yet to even kick off the marketing for Captain Marvel, opening on March 8, 2019, so you can expect that to start appearing first.

The Russo brothers recently gave an update about the next Avengers movie to Deadline. “We’ve worked on the edit all summer and we’re excited to finally get these missing pieces in the film and then we expect to be in post through the fall and winter. We hope to be done by March,” co-director Anthony Russo said.

He added: “It was so gratifying that in a movie with this scope and scale and that wide of an audience, that we were able to end with a gut punch and yet the audience stayed with us and found value and kept coming back. It’s a rare thing to find in commercial filmmaking and we know it had a lot to do with the the capital that’s been built up around these characters for the last ten years of Marvel filmmaking. The audience is so invested in these characters that they’re willing to stick with them even through the hard stuff. It has been out great pleasure as storytellers to take them through that hard stuff and have it be a cathartic and even entertaining experience at times.”

The missing pieces he is referring to will likely come from the Avengers 4 reshoot (or additional photography, as it’s often referred to these days). Project Casting is reporting that the Avengers 4 reshoot will take place in Fayetteville, Georgia this month (September). The producers are said to be looking for the following:

“We are looking for a Photo Double for Project ‘Mary Lou’ shooting in the Fayetteville area. Rate is $150/12 and a fitting will be required.
Height: 5’3”
Bust: 32.5 B
Waist: 26”
Hips: H:31 L:35
Neck: 12
Pants: 25X29
Dress: 2
Shoe: 6.5-7
Hat: 22.5″

The Atlanta Filming Twitter account has more on the additional shooting, saying that they will be adding more Wakanda and Black Panther scenes.

It makes sense Disney would want more Black Panther, as his first solo film grossed a massive $1.347 billion worldwide earlier this year.

Moviegoers will also not be surprised that we’ll be seeing more of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the fourth Avengers film, even though Gamora is gone and the other members (like Black Panther) disintegrated in Avengers: Infinity War. Fans already knew a third Guardians of the Galaxy was in the works, but of course that later production was put on hold after James Gunn was fired.

Drax star Dave Bautista talked more about the situation and Avengers 4 in an interview with Digital Spy. “It’s kind of a strange situation to be in now where we’ve lost our director for Guardians,” he said. “Guardians 3 is really up in the air and I don’t know what they’re going to do with it. It’s on permanent hold for now, and that may make a difference in what they do with our characters in Avengers 4. To be honest with you, right now I really don’t know.”

“But I know I’m in Avengers 4. I’ve shot most of it already. I do have two days of reshoots,” he added. “But other than that, I have some really great scenes that I hope they use. But I guess that it remains to be seen what they’ll do with the characters.”

Disney this week also released an infographic that takes a look at the worldwide accomplishments of Avengers: Infinity War.

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